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  1. Guys, As some of you may know we have been changing the way we make our baits. Not the quality or ingredients, they remain the same, but the PROCESS has changed significantly over the last few months. As expected we had some teething problems which we have finally (thank goodness) overcome. The main problem was in the shape of the baits which wasn't always consistent and meant that some weren't as perfectly round as Boilie Shop baits have always been. So, we've asked Andy at Resistance Tackle to market these for us at a reduced price (almost half-price in fact). He has some Pineapple, Egg and Milk, Scopex, Banana, Tiger Nut, Maple Cream, Chocolate Maple, Anise, Opal, maybe a few others. Check out his site. Our machinery is now putting out the baits perfectly so all our new bait will be back to the old price...... Get the cheaper ones while you can because they're every bit as effective as they ever were. All the best.......... Bill D. & Wayne.
  2. Guys, We are almost finished with field trials of our new flavour: Rose Hip. This will be available in Flavour, Glugs, Boilies and Pop-Ups. Smaller quantities will be available from Resistance Tackle in a couple of weeks...... All the best....... Bill D.
  3. Guys, Our web site is now live at www.boilieshop.com. As most of you know we are only selling larger orders through this site. Smaller quantities of Boilie Shop products may be purchased from one of out two distributors: Big Carp Tackle (Base Mixes, Flavours, etc.) and Resistance Tackle. (Base mixes, Flavours, Glugs, etc + Boilies). Be sure to let Jon Ed at BCT or Andy at Resistance know if you need any of our products that are not currently carrying. As always, you may call or email us to arrange orders of customised baits. All the best....... Bill D.
  4. Mark, Well, we will sell flavours, colours, glugs, robin red, preservative, kelp, binder, particles etc., etc. BUT only in bulk quantities which can be negotiated by giving us a call. We just don't want to be in the small order game any more. Don't get me wrong now guys we appreciate all the business we've done with small orders over the years but it's just not the type of sales we want to do from now on. Way too much hassle for us, it would be different if we were just pulling bags of bait off a shelf and shipping them out but that's not what we do All the best...... Bill D.
  5. Boilie Shop News CAG members, For some time now we have been contemplating making a change to the way we do business at The Boilie Shop. There are a growing number of companies that will supply North American anglers with small amounts of Shelf-Life baits, which is the bait suitable to most American carp anglers. We are not in that business and have no desire to get into that business which we’ll happily leave to the new guys (and some of the old guys ) on the block. Since we only make bait to order and never stock pile any boilies it’s very costly for us to roll small amounts of bait. To roll a couple of pounds of yellow Pineapple followed by a total clean up and a couple of pounds of red Tutti Frutti, for example, is not the most cost effective way for us to make our baits. Our preferred customers, of course, are the organizations, guys, or teams of guys, who order fifty pounds or a hundred pounds at a time. What we’ve decided to do is to go back to our original business model which is to supply baits only in large quantities. The minimum order quantity of Boilies or Base Mixes that we will now accept is 25 pounds of each type (not 25 pounds total order). We are very fortunate to have enough customers who place orders of this kind to keep us very busy for the foreseeable future. Starting today we will only accept orders placed by email “boilieshop@comcast.net” or telephone “215-752-5860”. Payments accepted will be checks or money orders. Consequently I have disabled our web site, which should take effect tomorrow (Friday). Wayne and I would like to extend our thanks to all our customers, past and present, who made the last couple of years such a blast for us. It was fun but it’s time to move on. Good fishing everyone and our wishes for a happy and safe holiday season …… All the best…… Bill & Wayne.
  6. Thought I'd let you guys know that we are, once again, selling Tiger Nut Boilies, Flavours and Glugs (Dips). We're very pleased with our new Tiger Nut flavour which is an improved version and promises to be a real winner Flavour is HERE on the Boilie Shop web site. The Glugs are HERE and Boilies may be ordered from HERE. All the best............ Bill D.
  7. Mark, As if we would No, I have no idea as to her whereabouts or health. I hope she's well and continuing to make boiled sweets under another name I'm just glad that we were able to pick up the URL Blood wurst & sauerkraut boilies? Hmmmmmm, now there's a thought, Catfish anyone? All the best...... Bill D.
  8. Guys, We FINALLY managed to procure the www.boilieshop.com address. Previously we had to use www.boilieshopusa.com (which still works) as a little old lady in Germany had the domain name that we wanted. Anyway, you can now reach the site using either one...... All the best....... Bill D.
  9. This is a coincidence We've been talking to the guys at Foodsource (mostly Ed Rogers) about stocking some of their products, Carp Candies being one of them. I don't know that we'll bother now that I know Paul is going to stock them. I don't think there's a market for two distributors of this stuff to the carp world right now. Interesting that we both got to the same manufacturer through very different channels. MissouCarpee, Their stuff looks good but at the price of a 20 bait bag I don't see them competing with boilies. Hookbaits only I think, at least that's the way we were looking at them. All the best..... Bill D.
  10. Rob, Well...... First I have to say that this product is not something that you would add to a base mix, this IS the base mix. Secondly, a fish meal mix does contain extra oil which is why you typically would use it in the warmer months because colder temperatures aren't as conducive to the dispersion of oil in water. You would up the protein slightly in the colder months. The most important point here is the balance of protein, carbohydrates, fat, fiber and vitamins. Having said that, we are very comfortable with the catch rates of the Fish Meal Mix in the colder months. This mix had some outstanding results in the UK and Holland during the early part of the year (cold as a witches t*t over there in January mate!!!). In fact some of the catches reported in the U.K. press came on this mix but you wouldn't know it by the reports We daren't tell the Carp Society that we were putting Yankee baits in their waters Anyway, whatever..... Try the Fish Meal mix, it's a good 'un All the best...... Bill D.
  11. We have just added a new Fishmeal Base Mix to our product line. A couple of you are familiar with this mix already and have reported some very good results for 2005 and we're now comfortable offering it to our customers. We've included it as a Base Mix for sale in bulk but we've also added it to the Boilie options along with our regular mixes. You can check it out HERE on the Boilie Shop site........ All the best....... Bill D.
  12. Phone, Mickey (or Jim?) is absolutely correct. Go immediately to your mail box and wait there for a special delivery from The Boilie Shop. Shouldn't take long but DON'T leave until it comes. I'll check back with you later...... Bill D.
  13. First of all: I'm a paid up member of the C.A.G. Secondly: The Boilie Shop pays for advertisements in the N.A.C.A. Thirdly: This is the COMMERCIAL section of the forum I hope that covers everything I wanted to let any interested members know that we've added some new baits to the Boilie Shop site. The "Egg and Milk" Boilies, Pop Ups, Flavours and Glugs are now on site and accounting for some good fish in a lot of States (We LOVE this flavour) We have added a Kelp Meal product that may be added to Boilie Base Mixes, Method Mix, Particle Mixes or Pack Bait. This is a finely milled sea weed from Maine that is high in carbohydrates. It is also a good source of minerals, amino acids and vitamins. About 10 per cent of the mix would be a good place to start with this one Other new products are a Particle Mix which is full of all the good stuff and a very good Binder that may be added to particles in order to fish them at long range. The binder works well in forming Method Mixes and Pack Baits also. As always, you can check them out at The Boilie Shop Lots more on the horizon...... Some of it major We'll keep you posted.... All the best...... Bill D. and Wayne.
  14. Thanks Guys We're happy to sponsor the Junior Tournament on th St. Lawrence. I'd sooner give away free stuff to the kids rather than to you lot of tight a**es No Evil Clam for the kids though Phil, I wouldn't inflict that on them (or their mothers) We are expanding and reorganizing and we are taking on new staff. Our product line will be enhanced soon also as we will be stocking more tackle items (mostly rig components but we have a few other surprises in the pipe line) The new location in Langhorne PA is about 15 miles from our current one in NJ. I have just bought a home in that area about a mile from my partner Wayne and so it made sense to move the whole bait operation to the same area. Still quite a ways from you Dean, maybe we can open an AZ franchise soon Louis, thanks for the welcome All the best....... Bill D.
  15. Just a heads up to all our customers. Tomorrow (Tuesday 7/12) we will be beginning the move for the Boilie Shop from New Jersey to Pennsylvania. This means that no further orders will be shipped until Monday July 25th. From the 25th on, it will be business as usual. Sorry for the inconvenience but we have little choice as we have to start the move to our new location this week.... New location means new staff and some great new products. I'll post more on these in a week or so. All the best...... Bill D.
  16. Just a heads-up guys, The Boilie Shop teams are leaving for the WCC. This means that no orders will be shipped from the Shop until after June 14th. ...... All the best..... Bill D.
  17. Richard, Good to talk to you last night. I'm happy to see you made the announcement. If Wayne or I can be of any assistance during your initial eforts to get up and running then you know you only have to ask. Best of luck with your new venture...... All the best.... Bill D.
  18. Tim, I'm glad that we're finally "out of the closet" . Nice job with the site <_< <_< All the best ............. Bill D.
  19. Dean, Nope, this combination seems to do really well all year round. It produced very well last spring and summer and also put a lot of fish on the bank on a couple of waters that were close to freezing Mind you I've always used fruit flavours for all seasons and done well with them. We also did well with the Cardinal Red Base mix with no flavour at all....... I hope yours does as well for you down in sunny AZ Let me know... All the best..... Bill D.
  20. We have added a new Base Mix to our product line. The Cardinal Red Base Mix is an all season mix that contains some VERY good stuff. It has fished extremely well wherever we have had it tested since last spring and we're now happy to make it available. This mix contains Carophyll Red and so does not take a dye very well. We recommend fishing it in the Natural Pink colour which is what has been putting some good fish on the bank. A new flavour: Opal has also been tested and is now available. A mix of fruits and nuts this is a subtle flavour that has been producing well. One very good combination has proved to be the Opal flavour with the Cardinal Red Base Mix..... awseome. This was the combination that put over 40 fish to 28 pounds on the bank the first time we ever fished it in our lake last year. These products may be found at The Boilie Shop web site. All the best..... Bill D.
  21. We have a limited supply of Carp Sacks available in black only. All the sacks are constructed with double seams for extra strength and feature a draw string and toggle for closing. They are approximately 30 inches wide and 48 inches long to accomodate those lunkers from locations such as the St. Lawrence and Austin. Although these were made for us with the WCC in mind they would be a valuable addition to your tackle, especially if you need to sack fish for a photo session. You can see the sacks HERE on the Boilie Shop web site........ Bill D.
  22. Scott, Nah..... it wouldn't be the same forum
  23. Secret weapons ??? No need to call the bomb squad heck they are so secret ... doesn't NJDOC give them any yard time? Mark, Now I'm not about to tell a grown man what to do BUT, I wouldn't mess with those boys if I was you. Matt, We'd really like to make the Philly fish-in even if it's just to show our support for you guys, you're doing a great job. Unfortunately some long-made plans call for us to be out of town that weekend. If we can change them so that we can get back late on Saturday then we'll certainly be there. Scott, Runners? Have any say? You're kidding mate Haven't you been reading the ACS Message Board? Runners can't touch a rod (makes sense) they can't spod, they can't catapult or use a spoon or a throwing stick (none of which makes sense to me) You'll be lucky to get in any of the photos mate.... the runners are just there to cook and empty the honey pots Sort of like a Bivvy ######, you know??? Man, we can't wait for this tournament!!!!!! It's going to be FUN. All the best everybody........... Bill D.
  24. Aaaaaaah, guys, you're dreaming..... Me and Wayne, Steve (The Tackle Tart) and Savay John, NJ Rob and Scott as the secret (nuclear) weapons Nukes against Smurfs????????? Game over mate See you on the bank............. Bill D.
  25. Stewart (& Tommy & Mark), You guys do realise that the 3 Boilie Shop teams are representing the USA? Come on dudes, that competition is already won (Well, maybe with a great peg draw and a good wind in our face) All the best...... Bill D.
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