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  1. Just cruising through...your Profile pic reminds me of some fellas at work. Good carpin to ya;)

  2. Just cruising through...your avatar reminds me of some fellas at work;) Good carpin' to ya.

  3. Because of a seasonal increase in sales, we have not been able to keep our website updated with new flavor, or inventory information. We have a number of flavors that have never been listed, and many flavors that may show as being "out of stock" have been restocked. I would suggest that anyone wishing to place orders with SPS please order directly via e-mail at carpstuff1@aol.com As always, we offer discounts to SP and CAG Members on direct orders. Sam
  4. We have included a few package deals on flavors for the Holiday Season. Go HERE to view the SP/CAG Member Catalog Page. Please remember to include, or E-Mail your CAG Membership Number with orders. Quantities are limited. Merry Christmas from the SPS Crew
  5. Right ON. Actually--I tried talking to them 7 months ago. They seem to operate a lot like----me. I figure that they'll answer my e-mails in 2007. Actually--I was looking into their stuff for the "saltwater" division, and not as a carp bait. Their stuff is available--if you happen to fish all over the place. Their carp baits may have some value as a wild carp bait--I honestly wouldn't know. They may have a problem with calling it "carp candy"--in the US--but thats another story. As far as paylakes use goes, it does have some serious value as a pickup (with modifications). You just never know till you try it. It's worth a try IMHO. I'll be using some this winter--for Stripers at HI. Bravo Sierra
  6. I havn't used the Carp Candy but have used some of their other stuff. It's Soft but firm. Use your imagination Stays on the hook nicely.
  7. Now that the Kats outta the bag--- I'll give Paul a "paylake" plug on this deal. I've worked a project real close to this for over a year. ----and ya know how paylakers work. I don't think that we're talking any revolutionary bait here as far as paylakes go----but smart paylakers may wanna look at this stuff as an alternative to pops. Nuff said.
  8. LOL Yup--Shears is a good un. Prolly one of the best. Problem with paylakers is-----if something works well--they'll never tell. Or--they'll tell you that it didn't catch chit--and then order a case of the stuff under a different name. t.
  9. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. Richard, good luck with the bizness. If ya ever want to chat about downfalls of "do it yourself" websites and such, fell free to drop me a line. I suck at "puters" myself, but I'll be happy to share some stories about things NOT to do. t
  10. Good Luck bill. We wish all of you the best. Tim.
  11. Ok, I just gotta ask: Pretty shirt-----but a RED carp and a RED star? Any hidden meaning there? Not that i would mind--a Commie Carp shirt could really appreciate in value over time. Iffn I was doing DC----------beware the the BLUE carp--and the Man who dares to wear it.
  12. Hey--Good luck. If ya ever need a pal to share war stories with, give me a yell. Just remember one thing-----never fear failure. In this bidness---success is what will kill ya.
  13. Hey, I didn't take it that way at all. And yeah, if these guys are still around, word will get to the right ears. Picture this: Saturday AM, 30-40 paylakers standing in the shack, ready to go-----and Bubba yells out---Hey Hill---You're a low life tackle thief. Jimmy say---What?? What the heck are you talking about?? Bubba say--he seez----You're a freakin low life thief---I know 'cause I read it on the Innerdnet. It could very well happen just like dat. My guess is that these clowns are just a couple of paylake wannabes. Fished a few times, thought they we're good---drove across the country to show off--and got spanked. Just the fact that they showed up without the "required" gear tells me that they were clueless. There's a good chance that they have lurked on this board-----so maybe they'll read this, before Bubba embarasses them at a paylake.
  14. True, but there's not a lot of love for a tackle thief within any group. The paylake community is just like any other group. There's a lot of diversity. And, just like any other group, there's the occasional low life. Give it some time. Word of this will get around.
  15. Wow--The power of the internet in action. I'd be ashamed to show my face at a paylake if I we're those guys. Hope you get your gear back, and if not, you can bet that Mr. Hills good name won't be so good anymore, even amongst "friends".
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