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  1. No, but I did want to. I figure I could drive around or fish longer so I took option B, especially with a 3 hour drive. There are a few state parks but you had to be out of there at sunset so if you wanted to stay later your out of luck. So much is private property and the woods are so overgrown compared to up north. You also have to deal with poisonous snakes and stuff and I was content there in a higher traffic area. I also thought about just knocking on doors and offering people 10 bucks to fish their backyard for the day in the nicer looking areas. Figured I'd run into issues with tha
  2. Not a problem. If you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask.
  3. If that is the Lake Seminole Inn than that is where I would stay. Never found it to be anything but clean, quiet, well maintained. If its still the same owners they'll turn your AC off or down if you are not there. lol. However, I never had any complaints. Even got a kingsized bed once for the same price. Decent amount of cable channels. Nice showers, clean bathrooms. There is a good Chinese restaurant in Chattahoochee but outside of that I haven't eaten anywhere else. There is a supermarket in Sneads about 1/4 mile from the motel as well.
  4. I've fished until about 9-10 pm and usually in the summer and fall. I'd also go the USGS River Levels site and make sure when I was going up that they were not opening the dam up. The lower the water the easier it is to fish. Fished it when it was flooded and had my bait sitting where I would setup when river was low and still caught fish, though. I usually went up for 2-3 days but stayed at a motel on the other side of the river. I don't camp well. From what I can remember up to about 9-10 am and in the evening were always good times, especially in the summer.
  5. When I lived in Florida this is where I would go. Depending on the water level this river sucks for holding the bottom. I would fish just below the launch in the green area. Cast further out than that and you may run into issues holding the bottom. Below the green area there seemed to be a lot of debris in the water and really, really snaggy. The green circle is mostly sandy/silty. I caught carp on corn and boilies. Baited with oatmeal, corn, molasses, some sorta pellet. Sometimes it was slow others not so much. All my fish were upper teens to low twenties. One 58lb grass carp. The curre
  6. I think they are related according to this here. I know in Florida when I lived there they were a protected species along with Alligator Gar and had to be released back if caught. I only ended up with one which was just shy of 60lbs and a pain in the butt to revive back into the water. It was an accidental catch as I was fishing for commons and it just grabbed a boilie. I won't go out of my way to target them after that experience. Asian Carp News Story
  7. I've got a long Thanksgiving weekend coming up so who knows. He he.
  8. And I became a member again so hurray for me. Way different than 05'-10' like I remember. Since living in Florida from 2005-2016 I really didn't carp fish a lot. Then, when I moved back to Pennsylvania I started golfing... ALOT. Covid put a damper on too much golf so I brought the carp gear out of mothballs. Since late August to last week I landed 17 commons. I also blanked a few times and had days where I caught nothing but catfish. Smallest two were 16lb, most were in the 20's. Two were 32.5lb and 33lb, which were my personal bests, caught 3 hours part. Decided at that time I wa
  9. There should be since the river that flows into the lake has them. I only fished from Sneads Park once and it was nothing but hydrilla and really not fun. I do know the Apalachicola river just below the dam is pretty good, even though you were mentioning just the lake itself. I used to park myself just below the second boat launch just below the dam, like within 50ft of it since it wasn't as snaggy as the area just below it. You can fish 30-40 ft at most from shore (really fast current after that distance), chum the heck out of it, and have some really sized nice fish.
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