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  1. Cant wait been 6 years since I fished this event or this area, don't let Simon get me drinking at the bar formerly known as Grumpies had some wicked nights there when Jeff was running the Carp Club, 2010 Can Am got there way too early got corrupted in the bar took 2 days to get rid of the hangover and fished like a pratt lol. I believe I ended up at Jays house but the pre event alcohol kept coming lol
  2. I read a report that a carp barrier is to be put up there to stop the carp ruining the eco system sounds the BS to me but we all know how bad science with the loudest voice can influence the public
  3. Ok I had booked the week off work and the Boss (the girlfriend has given me the green light) so would like to fish this event.
  4. I have to confirm I can get time off but can you put me in for Canada been a while since I fished this and I have a monkey to get off my back for 2010
  5. Yeah I saw it on you tube 150lb of fish only a couple of guys now do it but used to be a commercial fishery up here years ago And that mirror was one of the hardest fights I have ever had, there was no run on the Delks to start it leapt vertically out of 3 foot of water 3 foot in the air with the hook in mouth with the lead trailing behind, I have never seen this in all my years of carp fishing and never again since.
  6. I caught lots of big Carp before the big fish kill a little further North from a river but never got a chance to fish the main Lake. So will put out some bait and see, my big thing is bait application and fishing accurately to it no matter what distance so helpfully this will help. Only competition I will have is guys netting them to sell down in the city and bow fanatics. Below is some of the action I had up here early 2008
  7. So its been far too long. Since I have been on the fringes of Carp fishing the last 5 years, with just token trips twice a year, now I am living next to a big lake its time to explore the Carp opportunities close to my new home. Shore spots are hard to find here but now I am a resident in a lakeside community I get free parking at many parks which opens up a host of areas I could not come too without spending 30 bucks a day to park at while fishing. That and my new job gives me some hours spare with no more working all weekend every weekend. So I have some of my favoured baits coming from Simon at Carp kit which will be added to the usual pigeon mix and corn for bulk feed along with a whole bunch of liquids/flavours I bought back from England last August, to top up the ton I already have. So now finally the ice huts and ice have gone will wait for the temps to rise a little before getting some bait out to some spots I have marked as places of possible interest for Carp to visit. The bay here is shallow and early season I think will involve long chucks with the marker rod, spod and eventually baited rigs, to get to some slightly deeper water particularly during the day. Will keep updates coming through the spring for anyone interested and if it goes well will try to get a fish-in up here which more than likely would be 2017. tight lines and tangle free rigs to all Nick
  8. I have heard there are carp in there from local fisherman, not sure what size as nobody fishes for them up here, and it gets very weedy in summer.
  9. Willow

    Lakeside Cottages

    Ok will see what I can do if I cant get over fishing I may just pop over on the motorcycle be nice to see Mike & Eileen again and see how you are doing, I will have a look later and try PM that map & details of a very productive spot I used to catch a lot of fish at.
  10. Willow

    Lakeside Cottages

    For the Kawarthas I have used 80lb power pro but in all reality 50lb straight through will suffice (I switched to 50lb last year), no need for ton up there it is not quite a wild as the Larry. The flow at Lakefield is minimal compared to the St Lawrence, if its not working at Lakeside then there are a plenty of spots on the Ontonobee right down to Peterborough Mike knows the places to go I have a map somewhere for the bus stop, pines etc. Mike does not like the spot in Peterborough and you are right opposite the town but they do respond to bait there a lot of brits and Canadians fish it I have had some big hits there but the fish have been caught many times with mouth damage, average for all that area will be around 19lb not too many small ones. I will PM you another spot that I have fished a lot (but not for a couple of years) but I don't want it public as I have had a couple of spots ruined by inconsiderate people upsetting the locals. I have to work a lot at the moment but if I can get a day off at the weekend maybe I could meet you guys while you are here and try that spot.
  11. Willow

    Lakeside Cottages

    Oh I am sure you know but just in case use large bore rig tube (I find esp best), no leadcore it will get cut off every other fish with the zebras/boulders, seen some English friends staying there and the Carpology boys at Long Sault get caught on that one. I also use the korda lead clips with the swivel inside I find the runs are so savage here the standard push in clips let go pretty quick from the abrasion/abuse from boulders zebras & weed, I have lost fish with the heavy lead running up the line and catching on boulders/shelves, and if you set the rubber like in England you will lose a ton of lead.
  12. Willow

    Lakeside Cottages

    I went there last year same time your going, the fish didn't really get on boilies, they dropped the water levels (they play with them all the time up there) which slowed everything right down, so it can be a lottery. Also bring mozzie stuff it was swarming in the evening there last May. One of the guys also staying there did get a muskie on a boilie. The only place's I have seen boilies really work out here has been in Peterborough in the centre of the town and up at Long Sault. All my biggest fish out here have come to tiger nut & I use crushed tigers & mainline tigernut syrup in whatever mix I am spodding out. I have used boilies everywhere here and even with heavy prebaiting they never really get on them like in Europe. The best boilies for me out here have been (except when I rolled my own but found it too time consuming) was Dynamite baits 15mm in Pineapple or Tigernut, I found 18mm boilies did not work as well they seem to like smaller baits probably because that is what size they are used to eating naturally. I had no real luck with any of the mainline range despite it being widely advertised that their shelflife baits work out here still caught fish just not as many as with Dynamite range. Mikes molasses method/groundbait/corn works well there and if nothing else when it gets slow its a bit of fun using the groundbait sling, I got very accurate after a bit of practice.
  13. Willow

    Lakeside Cottages

    Marcus you wont need to bring all that bait the fish are right in front of you, maize catches there when the fish are on it, they have hardly never seen a boilie there, I would bring tiger nuts though the Kawartha fish love them, the fish I showed was caught on a good old Hinders tiger. Mikes method mix works well & the fish are used to it. Braid is a must power pro 50lb minimum 80lb is not over the top, or get cut off on the ledge with razor sharp zebra's though I think you have fished out here before so you know big rig tube with braid is best. I used leads most of the time there but method feeders do work very well.
  14. Willow

    Lakeside Cottages

    I got to fish with Shaun in 2005 at Frenchmans bay super nice guy who really knows his stuff, this was when his TV spot was just taking off
  15. Willow

    Lakeside Cottages

    I believe this was at youngs point the resort is no longer operating as a carp fishing option.
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