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  1. Hey Tyler welcome to the site. I go by Steve_Guelph on your site. We should hit Hamilton before it freezes up.
  2. Hey mark let me know if you are going out and I will buy the coffee. Steve
  3. Just had a chance to watch it. The sound of the drag is so soothing. That show brought back some good memories. Next year I will visit the area often. We are even looking for a home on the water in that area for our early semi retirement.
  4. Fish Finders on WFN this week is on Long Sault Ontario carp fishing. Can't comment on the show. I have it recorded and will watch it later tonight. Steve
  5. Eyelike2fish

    Hello again

    Hello to some familiar faces and to some new ones. I have been away from the fishing scene for a bit due to health reasons but back at it now. I am on vacation for the next two weeks and am looking for some people to share a bank with. Let me know if anyone is interested. I would like to fish the Hamilton or surrounding area. Steve
  6. Congrats to all the people who fished the event and to the people who made it possible.
  7. I just went to the ACS site but the weight board is not on now. Any update on the standings?
  8. Andrzej and Paul are local guys here. Bring it home guys
  9. Jake I need to ask: every picture of you in your posts you have no shoes on. No waders. The trees have no leaves and the water looks freezing. Are you preparing yourself for the Survivor Man Series try out?
  10. Great pics and story Jake.
  11. Would something like that put up a struggle? It looks like it would have trouble swimming ?
  12. Ok I cracked a smile. Maybe roll it in some papers and smoke it
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