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  1. Here is the CCC Tournament and awards video. We also have some footage of the Day three tournament.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCLIHr5uUNE&feature=youtu.be
  2. Here is the first video from the CCC Weekend. This one shows a lot of the first tournament at Hubbards. This video also highlights the Night before the CCC party at Westside Bait.
  3. Amos Behanna, It looked very nice.
  4. The Next day we had 22 CCC anglers meet at a location for a free Post CCC Tournament. This location usually yields high numbers of small fish, however that was not the case again. It was a wet morning, but that did not keep guys from coming out. We did a little cooking out and had a great time. It was a nice way to end a great weekend. When it was over Phil Davies once again came out on top with the tournament's only two fish. He claimed the Trophy and $100 in cash courtesy of Westside Bait.
  5. The following morning we had a beautiful early Fall morning. The high was expected to be around 82 degrees. The wasn't a lot of wind early, however it did pick up a little throughout the day. I have probably hosted 30 tournaments on the White River and have never had as slow of bite as what we had. We had 61 anglers in all, spread throughout the entire venue. Unbelievably we only had 7 fish caught. We have had tournaments of similar size yield well over 150 fish, but that was not the case this time. Phil Davies had two fish a 12-8 and a 7-13 for 20-5 total: CAG North American Champ, Wac
  6. After the Pre CCC Tournament Concluded the anglers met at The Westside Bait Sportsman's Hall for a Night Before the CCC Party and Pre Registration. We had a little food, Music and Beer. That is a tough combination to beat when your around good friends. Here are a few photos.
  7. I want to start by thanking everyone who made it over to Indy for the 20th CCC. I would like to thank CAG for the opportunity to host. I want to thank everyone who helped make it possible. I especially want to thank Rick Slinker, Denise Hall, James Sanders, Derek Wunder, Amos and Paige Behanna, Tony Lett, Bruce Tomlin, and everyone else who helped put this together. I want to once again Thank all of our sponsors who so generously donated to the CCC. Rick Slinker did an excellent job of putting all the sponsorship together. I know I missed many more who helped, for that I apologize. I wou
  8. Thank You Larry, I really appreciate all the work you did. It was a big help.
  9. Here are a quick look at some of the results: We will have results tomorrow with some photos. We had 27 CAG members show up for the Pre tournament at Hubbards lake. They all participated the side pots. The young guns showed us how to do it. There were 30 fish caught in all. Alex Church age 15 won total Weight with 55 lbs $200 and Trophy. JT Phillips age 15 won 2nd place total Weight with 47 lbs. $100 and Trophy Alex and JT tied on Big Fish with a 19-12 but alex won the trophy and Prize money because he got his first. $100 We all came back to the sportsman's Hall for a little get togethe
  10. Friday Night Party Menu: Pizza Pulled Pork Potato Salad Chips Soft Drinks Desserts Lemonade. Ice Cold Beer See You all soon
  11. Plenty of room for you. See you soon
  12. You can still hang out in Bivvy town with us and have a few beers.
  13. We'll have a bivvy and bedchair set up fo you so you don't have to worry about hauling anything.
  14. Got plenty of room, looking forward to seeing you Rick
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