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  1. Is there an updated anglers list for this event?
  2. Take to Michigan great crew there to run it.
  3. Where is dinner going to be at on Friday night? Are all the states going like the first year for a meet and greet? Or is everyone on there own?
  4. Andy, Sorry to hear you are stepping down but I fully understand why, time to enjoy what you have built and get back to enjoying what you love. Paige and I have and still do enjoy all the things you have done and the friends we have with you and Nikki. I look forward to spending time on the bank with both of you when we can. Thanks for all you have done for cag and all who you have crossed ways with during your time here. Look forward to you baits and flavors coming being I have had the chance to use some. Amos
  5. I plan to attend this next year if it is a go longer time to plan and save. Dave Paige said she could weigh marshall if you need some help. Just let us know. Amos
  6. I got my place to stay today is there any limit on the number of anglers? any pre-fishing events anywhere? I will sign up soon to fish.
  7. Andy thanks for everything you have done for the club. Hope to see the little soon buddy.
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