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  1. UKTim

    NC 2011/12

    A few of the fish that have found my net recently from NC lakes
  2. UKTim


    From the album: NC 2011/12

    The same Mid january 2012 weekend. Even though the water temperature had fallen 1.5 degrees overnight, this one at 26-15 was rapidly followed by a 20-02. Winter carp fishing has ot's own beauty and the fish are usually in fine condition.
  3. From the album: NC 2011/12

    Cold wind blowing in my face, 45 degrees water temp and a 27-8 made me happy when it rattled off at 1p.
  4. UKTim


    From the album: NC 2011/12

    December success at 2am.... 29-10
  5. From the album: NC 2011/12

    Still my biggest fish from this lake at a spawned-out weight of 30-4.
  6. From the album: NC 2011/12

    Post spawn 26-11 in a big catch memorial weekend.
  7. From the album: NC 2011/12

    My best US mirror to date. One run at 9am aftera long wet March night boat session.
  8. 30-02 caught from an NC lake in March 2011 after a long wet night. Probably the most distinctive, almost certainly uncaught mirror I have ever seen in my net.
  9. Bill Good job - I especially liked the quality of the contributions in this edition . You have set the bar high there --- I'm looking forward to reading the next one now!!
  10. Hello T

    I just caught up on the 50's thread. About 15 of us locally here in NC now fishing for carp ---- ~ half of us looking for first CAG 40. Colin Peters and i (expats) both 'boat carp' anglers -- we use the boat to access bank spots - minimal ' official' bank access. We've targeted waters up to 3-4k acres (33lb best) - 250 acres our target for 2011.. pos...

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