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  1. Good to see all your friendly faces and sorry I couldn't be there on Saturday, we were in Asheville.. Santosh - you took some great pictures again! Pleased a couple of decent fish showed, well done Danny and Jacob.
  2. Superb Fish -- you look justifiably pleased. Interested to know if Is this a 'known' big fish water or one of those very many places that are underfished by carp anglers?
  3. Yes, that guy with the arrow would come to severe grief at this lake if we found him - strictly no bowfishing there. Enough fish are lost from the meateaters already there..
  4. Keep hauling, Scott. We watch with awe.
  5. Magnificent fish.
  6. Always enjoy your reports, Sniper. Hope your summer on the mighty Columbia River remains productive .
  7. Thanks for the tips, KC - 'Spotmetering' it'll need to be for me given the 'one man in a boat' self take nature of my fish photography lately.
  8. Credit to you, Scott, that this lovely fish is in such good shape after all this time....
  9. Barbel I own this latest TDP video. Yes, It is another stunning example of his craft. Strongly recommended!
  10. Carl - can I suggest you may wish to PM John Bramley - it's in his neck of the woods..
  11. 'But who would have thought such record breaking carp would have come out of MN and ID? Don't get me wrong, record carp are in places like NY and TX but they are also in PA, DC, VA, MD, and many parts of the east coast and up in MN, Wisconsin (don't know the acrynomom for this state ), MI, and many others.' Coincidentally, last evening I had a conversation with a catfisher on a new NC lake we are exploring - we got onto big carp potential for this lake and he mentioned he used to live & bowhunt in Indiana --- " and they used to shoot 40 and 50 Lb females on a lake where there was an excess of carp". I don't know the lake, have no reason to think he was not telling the truth. @ Baustin - I feel your pain. Hate those guys and their nightime generator and light enabled killing agendas. Ours also focus on hitting the biggest fish and they are too darned effective, unfortunately. So no venues from me, ever, on this board and I always check the background for any picture I post..
  12. Idaho and Mick - 3 stunning mirrors there.
  13. Pete and Barbel - agree with your thinking. Pete I am also aware of at least 2 x 50+ caught by non-CAG members in 2011 so far. Accepting some were caught with a lot of spawn in them, we are all aligned that these huge fish are out there, and probably exist in a lot more waters than we are aware of. A more surgical 'locate-and-catch' approach has to be taken, and I know that some will/are moving in this direction already. Good luck to all in the quest. ! Tim
  14. Thank you for this -- I suspect it is an annual story, and many Bowshot monsters never get onto those websites. I agree with you about the ultimate potential, but given the sheer size of many of the lakes that contain these fish, and the number of potential waters... think even Terry Hearn's wonderful watercraft skills might even be challenged here. I'd bet most if not all of the shot fish were from a boat -- and believe that we have to fish in a more mobile way to locate and have a chance to catch these huge fish in the US. Certainly, that's the approach some of us are trying to take here in NC However it's tough to hear of a Bowhunter at our local lake brag that he'd just shot at at '45/50' .He missed it this time, thankfully but I'd bet on him getting lucky long before we are able to 'wade though the 20's and 30s'.... to even catch a 40. Scott has to be the nearest US has to a credible huge carp hunter. I wish you all great luck, but do think we'll sadly see a lot more dead 60's before a rod caught CAG one..
  15. 30-02 caught from an NC lake in March 2011 after a long wet night. Probably the most distinctive, almost certainly uncaught mirror I have ever seen in my net.
  16. Work device: What browser am I using? You appear to be using Internet Explorer 6.0. What operating system am I using? You appear to be using Windows XP You are using 1280 X 800
  17. Mike, splendid write up. Agree it's all about perspective! See ya soon back in NC, look forward to hearing more about your brother's catch.
  18. Lovely looking fish, well done, Dave. Good luck for the next RI record...
  19. Good work, Santosh. And now we know as well that there is at least a single solitary common in 'catfish central'. We can have fun finding out this summer, between you, Mike, Tony, our new young keenie, Paul and ancient Tim - if there are any of it's friends there. At least some decent grassers to keep us all busy while we explore the place
  20. Now that's what I like to watch on a friday night when I can't fish the w/e!! It looked like (at least the one I could see properly ) a biggish and dark fish. very nice indeed...
  21. Ah-Ha -- I do believe I may have met one of those critters down here - it metamorposised into something very like a bullhead catfish!!!
  22. Well, Santosh - both you and Mike have told me what a great time you had . The photo's explain why! And - Er, dare I ask - what exactly IS a Cornmuskie? (remember, I'm just a poor Brit)
  23. Great week's fishing for both of you, well done!
  24. Hi Jerome, Every time I watch one of your wonderful thought provoking underwater videos I wonder how we ever hook a single carp ( regardless of the rig-du-jour ). It seems to me when they are grubbing along the bottom the rig doesn't 'tighten up' enough to hook in many situations. I just have to hope the fish don't behave this way when I am patiently waiting on my 'big fish' lake with lots of hemp and cracked corn down there. I'd love to see you try a 1 inch chod rig with buoyant corn.............. and I may well do same on one of my rods next trip - just to see what's going on.. Or you might experiment with a VERY short hook link? A short combi-link with 4 inch stiff, <1inch braid? Or perhaps those Quebec carp are just different (bet they aren't though!)
  25. Hello KC, I am using the settings guidance you recommend in your OP here (I now have a used G6), and all works well except for shooting I need to do in my usual boat fishing situation -- Umbrella up, covering transom end of my 16 ft jonboat Camera on tripod on seat transom end of boat, shooting out Me at other end of boat holding carp & remote. Result -- underexposed shots, to varying extent depending on light/sun levels. Of course all is well at night with flash (lol) Because I have RAW image, I am able to tweak the image to something vaguely approvimating reality after the fact Can you recommend what settings I should use or action i should take? ..., ( other than a) hold the fish at the dark end of boat & use fill-in flash, take down the brolly every time I get a decent fish). Any guidance would be much appreciated
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