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  1. Looks like a good time was had by all....
  2. Danny, Nice pictures, time of year can be a challenge. Sorry you didn't catch - but you will....
  3. Posted on behalf of Dennis Moneypenny. For more info contact Dennis at 336-213-0888 Thread started 12 Oct - please contact Dennis for further detail Thanks Tim
  4. Big fish, Pat, well done..... come on, what did it weigh?
  5. Bloodly 'ell, Santosh. That is a big bull shark. You need to come down to the Abacos they occasionally see 10-12 Ft Bulls and even bigger tigers there....
  6. Good fishing, Travis. You got'em to bite where you were , I couldn't get a nibble where I was on Sat. . Nothing rolling either. Odd day. Like those mirrors...
  7. UKTim


    I kind of like this change. May now make me a little more likely to post one of two of my fish, if I can be confident the bowhunters, meateaters etc may find it a little more difficult to see. Sorry, if you are a guest and want to see the regional boards, why not join. Unless you really dont like CAG, of course
  8. Amazing - and big, too!
  9. I come to the CAG board daily to see- what's going on (good and --- less good). I met carp anglers that I would never have done - locally and in neighbouring states. Some I fish with, all are good people. I was induced, encouraged, to fish a paylake. $25 annually well spent, IMHO
  10. Just an amazing looking carp... Fully, whatever, wonderfully unique.
  11. Me to, very sorry to hear you had to do that. But you WILL catch more and bigger. keep going, please.
  12. Yes, thanks for taking the picture, Travis. Mine would have stayed off this board if this unfortunate situation hadn't arisen. It was a shame you weren't there when D had his fish, as you'd have shown it to its real potential. Agree, up to TOKs now.
  13. All, I don't actually know D-Guy yet, though he's been on the lake when I've been fishing. I do know the guys who have taught him (and D , sure he will admin, is not an experienced carp fisher yet. ) - and they are honest, fair carpers. D will quickly learn/has now learned how much regard a 30 Lb carp has, and how much a good photo matters. It took me 4 years, and about 90 fish to get mine from the lake he's fishing, but they are there, and currently are in very good condition. Though the pic cannot show it, unless he misweighed it, this fish likely was what he says it was. For comparison, here's a recent 33-6 from same water. These are deep and wide fish. I fully understand why it was challenged (and why it may not count in Big-4 if it gets to that) , it simply does not look that size and it was the world's crappiest picture of a 30 I've ever seen. best regards, Tim
  14. Tremendous result, guys. 2 PBs in one trip - that's some fishing!
  15. Superb fish - if you use the hooks that JB sends you, I think you won't be disappointed. His EZ IN 4's have done me proud this season...
  16. Nice days fishing, Jacob. Beats working, eh?
  17. Second fish looks somewhat similaar to this one (25-06) from Mid Sept, Jacob? If so, she's not moved far....
  18. Brad - do call Dennis at 336 213-0888. Sure he can help...
  19. Posted on behalf of Dennis Moneypenny. For more info contact Dennis at 336-213-0888 North Carolina Open – Carp Tournament Sat Nov 6th 7:30am until 5:30pm Sun Nov 7th 8am until 4pm Sponsored by: GREYS - Born to Fish/Resistance Tackle – your Tackle Terminal/K-1 Baits – Home of Awesome Haulers Lake Cammack – Burlington, NC 4790 Union Ridge Road Burlington, NC 27217 This will be an individual angler event. Entry will be limited to the first 20 applicants. Cost is $100 per angler. Prizes: • 9% of entry fee for biggest fish every 2 hours. Prizes carry over if no fish recorded. • $500 Grey’s voucher for most pounds caught over both days (all carp landed and weighed count). • $250 Grey’s voucher for 2nd most pounds caught and weighed. • Resistance Tackle RTBV1 Bivvy for Biggest Fish overall. • Door Prizes by K-1 Baits • Tourney updates available on The Online Keepsack Special Note: a minimum of 10 anglers is required for vouchers and Bivvy to be awarded. Rules: • You must present a valid NC Fishing license before drawing your peg. (DNR Officer does come out at least one on weekends) • Peg Draw on day 1, 7:00am. (Order of Peg Draw will be assigned based on receipt of entry fee, 1st through last received) • Peg draw for day 2, 7:30am. (day two draw will be a reverse order of day one) • Only Cyprinus Carpio (common/mirror carp) count • Two rods per angler (a 3rd rod for plumbing swim and baiting is allowed) • Only one hook per rod • You must have a carp safe landing net • You must have a padded unhooking mat • No Boats (bait boats okay) • No runners (space is limited (friends and family must stay back >10 yards from peg) • Angler on either side may assist in landing any fish without penalty. • Any carp caught and weighed will count toward Total Weight score. • Any fish being played in the last 15 minutes of either day will count once landed and weighed. To Register send your entry fee, name, phone number, and e-mail address (if applicable) to: Dennis Moneypenny 3126 Woodside Ave. Graham, NC 27253 For more info contact Dennis at 336-213-0888
  20. Good fun, takes me back.. My first 20 came on breadflake (freelined though, at night) around 1970, . My first gravel pit 20 was on floatfished corn (and a centrepin reel, in 1973). Thanks for posting....
  21. Well done to all who caught.... sorry I couldn't be there today to join you. Dennis, that chunk was worth the wait. And thanks, Danny for setting this up
  22. Danny Looking like I won't make it - I've been over there too much lately, it seems ...... Hope you all have a great time and the fish play ball. If things change, I'll see you 7a Sunday at the gate see you soon Tim
  23. A terrific report, and two splendid fish. You showed that it sometimes takes a lot of bait and a lot of patience to get those big mobile fish. Food for thought to the rest of us. Pleased it worked so well for you guys.
  24. Thanks from me, too, Marcy. I absolutely agree with John that we 'Paylakers and Eurolakers ' are much closer in our beliefs and approaches than many believe (certainly here in NC and TN). I have also greatly benefitted from the wisdom and knowledge of the paylaker community in my wildwater fishing -- to extent I try to 'convince' new brits who arrive here of the superiority of packbait (they learn eventually!!!). I look forward to CAG building bridges and growing stronger in this way.
  25. Fantastic session --- especially for NC!!!!
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