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  1. I have to agree with JHPHILLY. Nash, is supposed to be top of the line. If it breaks they should replace it. No more conversation should be needed. I have a pair of Nash Dwarf. Like them VERY much. That said, the end of one rod came slightly 'bent' but the rod fishes OK. If it breaks I will expect an immediate replacement due to their name. If not, I will go back to Chubb, if it isn't too late. They ALWAYS stood behind their products. Craig
  2. It is a virus. I had it. It took THREE programs to remove it and then another to check that my system was clean. Current McAfee and other programs will NOT remove it. I'll do a bit of browsing and see if i can again find where I got the info to remove it. It wasn't hard, but time consuming to run the programs. EDIT: follow this link for remove the virus. It's free. http://malwaretips.com/blogs/nym1-ib-adnxs-com-virus/
  3. I normally browse the NACA, but one is SPECIAL. Probably the best I've EVER read. Unbelievable photography. WELL DONE!!!
  4. All I got was a new blank page/window. (Chrome)
  5. I can't seem to load pictures in a post with my iPad. The button I need to use is 'greyed out'. The same is true for my iPhone. Any suggestions? (Posted from my notebook.)
  6. Got mine today............... If i make another donation will you fix the weather, too? `
  7. $30 donation made. Changing my order to TWO Wild Peach Berry and ONE wild Whiskey. Thanks for doing this. PM to follow in a moment.
  8. $165 Edit: (8:10 PM) Thanks for the donation(s) Andy. This will NOT affect our recent conversation about these rods. Payment will be sent in a moment.
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