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    9' Rods

    I used method with them all the time. With 3oz leads. I also never fished at distances further then 30 yards. I know when my buddy uses method on his chubs they bend a good bit. Id try and find a 9ft rod with a 3or 3.5lb test curve if you trying to go a further distance. I saw sonic just came out with 9 and 10ft rods. Might be worth a look. Wingard knows about them

    9' Rods

    My buddy owns three of the chubs. He loves them. The extricators are very comparable. Ive caught fish up to 37lbs with no problem. I personally think 10fters are the way to go

    9' Rods

    I've used the extricators there great for the price. I have 2 Nash dwarfs 9fters practically brand new I'm willing to sell if your interested. There the most mobile stalking rods.
  4. Nice fish and video. What are you using for an under water camera? I was thing of getting into this myself.
  5. River Koi..
  6. I order a rod no extra fees. Extremely fast shipping.
  7. That carp Has herpes. Lol
  8. Well thanks for the advice then. Ill be selling all my Nash stuff when the new rod section comes in. I'll havelook into them
  9. It just seemed as you where taking advantage of the situation. If that wasn't you intentions my apologies. You weren't the only one who pmed me either.
  10. I could never justify spending $300 on boilies to chum.
  11. Hahah someone saw this post and sent me a pm trying to sell me on a different brand. There like flys on $#it
  12. I have 2 wacker havoc 12 ft rods id be willing to part with if interested original price $75 a piece. Id part with the for $50 each I only used them one season. They do have minor scratches though.
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