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  1. I order a rod no extra fees. Extremely fast shipping.
  2. Well thanks for the advice then. Ill be selling all my Nash stuff when the new rod section comes in. I'll havelook into them
  3. It just seemed as you where taking advantage of the situation. If that wasn't you intentions my apologies. You weren't the only one who pmed me either.
  4. I could never justify spending $300 on boilies to chum.
  5. Hahah someone saw this post and sent me a pm trying to sell me on a different brand. There like flys on $#it
  6. Rodman I contact the vendor and Nash. The vendor can help get it to me a there cost and put it on there order which I'll have to wait months for most likely. I sent Nash an email myself yesterday waiting to hear back. I figured being a sponsored angler he might be able to help me out by talking to them or something. I'm stressing all options.
  7. Phil hes highly upset I publicized that nash isn't being helpful with me. The only difference between you egg analogy and my rod breaking is $296 and I didn't drop my rod.
  8. So this is how it happened. Craig apparently thinks I'm hiding something. My rod was setup on my bank stick like normally. I got a run on my rod I set the hook and the fish and all my end tackle is gone. I the butt end of the rod on my mat and the upper section on my lap. With my baitrunner on I start to pull line out and it fell off.... Weak...
  9. Considering selling all my Nash gear if I have to shell out the money myself for the replacement half.
  10. Tell me about it Matt... Now I'm short a rod for about a month if I buy a new upper section. BCT offered to add It on there next order so I would on have to pay for the shipping from there shop. They also would give me it for there price $125 instead of $200.
  11. I just sent them an email. I bought the 6ft dwarf and caught more and bigger fish on them in snags then on my scope and so far held up better...
  12. I pulled line out and it broke. That's it. I definitely over reacted my apologies. But I feel there was no need to attach what I thought about the rods after one use. Obviously that's not nearly enough time to see what there capable of. I feel robbed actually. It's so frustrating I'm not being offered any help at all on there end. I own a business and if something's wrong even on the products end I take responsibility for it even I lose some money because each and every happy customer helps grow business. I'm just letting everyone know there's a possibility they could have the same issues.
  13. Also you couldn't of been bothered with helping you said take up with the vendor. You endorse this product fully and that was your response? When I was looking in to buying the rods you had a lot more to say then that.
  14. I was very pleased until it broke under such little pressure after such few uses. If you where in my shoes and not "sponsored" by Nash you would be singing a different tune. FACT ! It's in your best personal interests to promote the company. If you where sponsored by ugly stik you would be saying there the best because it's your job.. So don't try and use my words against me. As far as this matters concerned you point of view isn't valid. At least IMO. I broke a $250 avid St Croix and had a new rod sent to me in 2 days. Now that's service! They didn't even offer to work with me on fixing it or helping out on the price. It's not even the "Innovative" telescope part and they want $200. Personally if I was selling a product at that price I'd back it a 100% unless it looks like it was purposely done. It was an accident for Christ sakes. Now I'm left forking over hundreds of dollars for a new section. Smh
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