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  1. Yeah Big Carp Tackle used to sell those hooks so that might be where you got them before. Those were my preferred hooks for freelining bread until BCT stopped carrying them.
  2. I agree with everyone else; I LOVE dark carp and those two are absolute beauties. Is the water really clear there? I've always associated dark carp with clearer water but I'm not really sure if that's correct.
  3. I was the fallee...twice. Sandals, slick grass and hard clay don't mix when running to your rods during a run. I ended up taking off Saturday afternoon as I was in so much pain I couldn't bend over to rebait. I went to the ER Sunday AM and found I have a cracked rib. Not fun...I've had kidney stones and this was right up there. Got good meds and have been resting the last couple of days and am starting to feel better. Here was my biggest of the trip at 22-14:
  4. Congrats Brendan, that fish is an absolute tank.
  5. You are a regular Joe DiMaggio, well done!
  6. New PB ghostie caught a couple weeks ago, 17lbs.
  7. Yeah Simon is great to deal with. I just got a bunch of Mainline baits and they were out of one of the flavor/sizes I ordered. Simon contacted me and offered to substitute a different flavor for free. Why is this a big deal you ask? Because I had ordered a 200g package and the substitute was a full KG package at no extra cost. Thanks Simon and Carp Kit!
  8. Great job to both of you guys and congrats on the PB's!
  9. Congrats to you Michiganders, quite a showing! This is quite significant as it breaks a streak of at least 4 years in a row of locals winning the thing. Great job on the live leaderboard Willem!
  10. Latest leader board shows the Daughertys have taken the lead.
  11. Sure looks like the Young Guns!
  12. Congratulations on the PB's guys (and gal)!
  13. What's big fish so far, Keith Thompson's 37+?
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