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  1. Jim is a great guy...you couldn't ask for a better mentor. Congrats on your fine catch.
  2. Thanks Mark...It was my first mirror and one of my favorites.
  3. Here is the picture of me with the mirror. Thanks for posting the prior info Ray.
  4. My name is Lowell and I live near Reading, PA. I have made alot of good friends through CAG. As Ray stated in his introduction, we fish together as often as time allows (which may be less next year now that I am going to be a dad )
  5. Another stunning issue David...can't wait for #14 Lowell
  6. Ray, Agreed...last year was a lean fly fishing year.
  7. NetFlix has Barry Reynolds DVD "The Flyrodders Guide to Carp". I just watched it and have to say it was better than I had expected. It has some nice footage of carp being landed on the fly rod, basics of fly fishing for carp and shows Barry tying four nice fly patterns. Worth checking out. Lowell
  8. I wasn't able to make it out, but had a fun day visiting with my parents who are visiting from out of state.
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