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  1. Thanks Mark...It was my first mirror and one of my favorites.
  2. Paul, Glad to see you have added gear for the fluff chucker! The St. Croix Avid's are nice wands. Fly fishing for carp is something that is sure to grow in popularity. Now all you have to do is add the "bread fly" to your fly selection! Lowell
  3. If this report is best suited for the commercial section, then I have no problem with one of the mods moving it! Thanks. Lowell
  4. I have been using the Wacker Baits alarms for almost two seasons now, and until this weekend have never really used them in the rain. Well, this weekend they spent about 12 straight hours in the rain including some real heavy down pours. I am happy to report that they worked just fine. I had numerous runs during the storm, and they chirped every time! A very good product at a nice price. Lowell
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