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  1. Are you selling those alarms? I am interested 

  2. My buddy and myself had another great day at lake
  3. It is so hard to get a hold of someone on this forum in a timely manner. I wrote yesterday and also sent a p/m and no reply? What is the problem?
  4. Please refund my Payment to the big 4, it is not worth the trouble to try to sign in, who came up with this system. I even tried to reset my password and it won't take it. CAG should have come up with a simple way to do this. CAG has all my private information and when I paid fore the BIG 4 it should have been automatic. I am not the only one that has trouble.
  5. I paid and signed in and my name does not show on leaderboard
  6. My buddy and myself had a great day at a local lake, almost all carp were in excess of 20 pounds and also had a nice catfish
  7. send me a link to the big four to join,

    the link for wilhelm don't work

  8. why don't all the state chairs have the state listed where they are from

  9. They just stay in the area I am fishing, I forgot to mention that i prebait the area with maize and they seem to stay in the general area that was baited. We went to a couple of other spots and could not see any swimming around. Also the distance that was baited is about 20 foot from shoe to maybe 50 foot and about 50 yards wide
  10. I was at a swim today that is about 25 acres, I fished it about 8 times last year, prebaited, and caught 3 fish. The fish were impressive, a 28.5, a 30.8, and a 35.5, look at my profile for the 35.5. you can sit for hours and nothing. Today I was there and again nothing except there must have been a couple of hundred carp swimming about a foot under water maybe 30-40 foot from shoe and just going back and forth. there were carp there in excess of 3 feet and more, but no bites. I tried everything i had with me, grits and oats and different flavors, and different pickups. The water where I saw them swimming and I was fishing is about 15 feet deep and the weather was sunny and about 80 degrees. we could not last year or this year figure what to use to get some action, and we prebait all the time. people I talk to say it is just loaded with them. It is a shame but it gets old just sitting there for maybe 6 to 8 hours and nothing and to see that many swimming about? attached is picture of the 35.5
  11. I had a similar problem with the time frame till I got it and commuication was very bad
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