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  1. Sign me up, Roy Klinger, for team Indiana
  2. Just threw some 8oz sinkers and some 20mm boilies in the truck after reading this. See everyone soon.
  3. He does seem to be wearing nothing but his undies???
  4. Had a great time at my first ATC. The commitee did a great job with it and I am thankful to all the Texans for giving me a few tips on how to fish Lady Bird Lake. A few pictures: Carpdogg with a 20's buff from Decker A 30's buff that Zack got from Decker. Cory's 47 from Decker Peg 18 "the dead zone" A few fish from peg 8
  5. I need one 3xl and one xl thanks
  6. When you buy a turkey deep fryer and have no intentions of ever using it to fry a turkey, only to boil corn with it.
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