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  1. The 3rd fish was the biggest at 39lbs 13oz. 4 others were 30s and a hanful of 28-30lb fish. I use Arrowhead Mills puffs, if you can’t find them order them from Amazon.
  2. Thanks Jerome! Here are a few more. I’ll add more pics over the next few months as I catch them.
  3. I haven’t been a member on this site for a few years and recently rejoined so I figured I’d post a few carp from this year. All of the fish are from Connecticut and New Jersey and most we caught On The Puff!
  4. How are you? I know of you.

    landed that monster in the rat river...

    i use to live in east Brunswick.

    anyway live in toms river now I wanted to ask I only fish tideal rivers

     Manasquan -toms river   etc.

    do u know how far they will run with the tides? During low tide I'm fishing 

    near the salt I catch them but high tides are always best. When water is real low well idk where they go maybe just don't bite ? High tide of corse I'm 

    up river from the bay.


    1. Jdodo


      Also wanted to ask. I never caught carp on boile made or bought. Have you.

      im big on method feeder with pack 

      and also particle with it.

  5. You guys better watch out, I got a mirror over 30 today. 31 ounces to be exact.
  6. Nice fish Jerome! You'll need to do better than 120 though
  7. Thanks! PM sent
  8. I won a free entry to this tournament in last year's Big 4. How do I register without paying the $10?
  9. One of the great things about pack bait is you can eat it if you get hungry. Better than chewing on some mussel boilies.
  10. Thanks! No ketchup in this bait but I'll be trying some ketchup bait soon.
  11. Don't want to give away any of Tom's secrets. One of the nice things about not being "sponsored" or a field tester for a bait company is I don't have to tell anyone what I'm catching on and I don't have to post all the fish I catch!
  12. I caught this nice 37.8 the other day ON THE PUFF! Last summer I was ordering some flavors and asked Tom Brooks what I should try. He told me about a mix of 2 flavors that he's done well with in warm water...he was right. Thanks for the advice Tom!
  13. Thanks Donald! Before this one the biggest I've heard of was my old PB that I caught 3 times between 19-22, and the FSM i caught at 18.5 and Chris and Pawel caught at high teens, low 20s. We've only caught around half a dozen mirrors out of here so this was a surprise!
  14. Thanks guys! Here are some better quality pics of both sides of the mirror. I was using a bad camera timer app that takes 5 low quality pics, 1 every 3 seconds so I didn't get a good quality pic of me holding it.
  15. I didn't get to fish as much this May as I have in the past few years but I still managed to spend a good amount of time chasing carp. No 50 pounders for me this spring but I did catch some nice ones and had a blast hitting the bank with my buddies. Normally the first week in May is one of the best weeks of the year for carp fishing at my local river. This year we had a massive rain storm come through the last day in April and the river went up 15' in one day. The river was unfishable for a few days because of the current and debris and it took about a week for everything to settle down. About
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