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  1. How are you? I know of you.

    landed that monster in the rat river...

    i use to live in east Brunswick.

    anyway live in toms river now I wanted to ask I only fish tideal rivers

     Manasquan -toms river   etc.

    do u know how far they will run with the tides? During low tide I'm fishing 

    near the salt I catch them but high tides are always best. When water is real low well idk where they go maybe just don't bite ? High tide of corse I'm 

    up river from the bay.


    1. Jdodo


      Also wanted to ask. I never caught carp on boile made or bought. Have you.

      im big on method feeder with pack 

      and also particle with it.

  2. What a freakshow! Congratulations to Sloth from Goonies for the win!
  3. Aww man...my picture of Sloth from Goonies got removed. I thought he fit in with and closely resembled some of the carp in this thread. I guess sloth will never be accepted into out society :-(
  4. Here are a few more. Helen Keller Carp: This fish was fighting very weird and swam head first into a rock right by the shoreline. When I got it in the net I noticed it had no eyes! It wasn't a fresh wound either, both sockets were covered in skin just like the rest of the fish. I have no idea how this fish grew to 17 lbs without eyes. Sorry about the blood in the pic, but I couldn't stop the fish for head butting rocks on the way in. Road Kill Carp: This one looks like it got run over by a car.
  5. Hey Bruce, my buddy Attila caught the brother of Adam's fish last week. We started laughing at the poor thing as soon as we got it in the net. Now onto the fish that I'm entering into the contest. This fish has a special place in my heart because he looks hilarious and I caught him two times! The first time I caught him and saw his face I couldn't believe he fit my entire hair rig into his mouth. I had to get a picture of this fish and I figured if he was making a funny face I might as well do the same. Do we get bonus points in this contest if the angler is also ugly? I caught this fish for a second time later that season during the spawn and lets just say he was happy to see me...so happy he left a present all over my mat. I figure none of the other carp ever mate with him and this is the most attention he's ever received. Hopefully I'll see my old friend again at some point. Maybe he'll even find a fugly female carp someday and make the next generation of carp that make us laugh.
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