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  1. I was at a crossroads with my carp fishing. I had lost the drive, that proverbial spark to chase carp like I used to. That insatiable desire to sit on the bank all day for that one run. That one screaming run that could be the next PB. I had even taken a year’s break from carping in general, and there my pod sat collecting dust. However, over the last couple years the spark started to grow, as I had been fishing a local pond and probably caught every carp in the water on oat pack and sweet corn. As time went on, and I kept banking carp, I started to feel that anxious, giddy feeling we all get waiting for a run. That feeling when you see the rod tip twitch or that one sole beep on the alarms. That was coming back! By the time last year had ended, I had made a few trips out to venues I hadn’t fished for years, and it felt so good to get the long rods out and get into some harbor carp once more. With that said, over the winter, I was just itching to get back out after my success in the fall, and I made the decision, it was time to go full bore once again. So what did I do? Well, I began to hone my craft. Practicing my hair rigs, perfecting them per say, and furthermore decided it was time to “graduate” to higher echelons of carp fishing. So, for the first time in my life, I began using silicone rig tubing, and crafted a blowback-esque rig, and it was time. It was time to become a fanatic again. The time was now. Last Friday, I took the day off work and scooted down to the progeny of my carp fishing … the Desjardines Canal. I’m sure you all know that place very well, and it was the perfect kick start I needed to get back into the swing of things. Needless to say, armed with my new rigs, the action was unrelenting. In about 5 hours I netted close to 20 carp. I literally lost count. They were coming fast and thick. Within in seconds of casting out and the lead crashing to the bottom, I was into another, it was marvelous. Simply wonderful. They all ranged in the 10-15lb bracket, and great scraps for the water still being cold. However, below is the absolute highlight of my day, no idea what the weight is, but I’d peg it at around 22-24, give or take. A true Hamilton harbor slab! Who says you need a puff to haul? Fast forward to this morning, 530 am. I arose out of bed, giddy, and eager to get down to the water. So eager in fact, that I tripped over some clothes on the floor in my room, missed the last stair, and lit my cigarette the wrong way when I got into the car, so needless to say that energy and spark is alive and well. All through the week I dreamed of the bite alarm wailing its glorious tone and the baitrunner blowing up from too many screaming runs, and finally, it was that time. However, today, was not as hot. Went 3/6. Two dropped runs, one hook pull, but I did manage this slab! Looks to be about 20, give or take. Beautiful tank of a harbor carp. (yes, I am wearing the exact sweater – no, it hasn’t been washed since last week haha). Once again, boiled maize and my hair rigs did the business with a 5oz lead. No one else around me was catching, so I guess I did something right? Well, what is the point of all these words? Is there some deeper meaning? Some hidden philosophical escape route from an introspective nightmare? No, not really. Just a story about a carp freak, who loves to fish and doesn’t subscribe to “puffology”. P.S. I’m joking about that last part. I don’t really care how you fish. Seriously. It was for a chuckle for the ones that know my history on this forum. Smile.
  2. Thanks lorne! I'll definitely be calling all these places. Thanks again guys!
  3. Thanks mike and mark, great to have some leads! Really in october and November? I've never really fished this time of year to be honest, so I'm very inexperienced. However, I've put a lot of time in at Pier this week and it was frustrating. First one I caught, forgot the net at home, look like and upper double or low twenty. THat was fun getting the hook out haha. Other one I got at night, 10-12 lbs. Right off the wall, 5-10 feet out, and it's been sucky. Where are these mystical carp this time of year? I might even try pier 4 soon. I just figured, I've just about caught every carp in the "retirement" swim (You know which one I'm talking about) there is, it was time to branch out. That swim is/was fun. Had some really sore arms some days haha. Massacred them on oats + sweet corn. Thanks and good luck out there!
  4. Like the title says... The good old sweet corn + creamed corn + large flake oat pack + boilie = tough results. ~30ish hours fishing, 2 fish on the bank, 3 dropped runs. Not acceptable, and I need to change my chumming tactics. I just don't think oats have the staying power of a proper particle spod mix. (although, I think they will pull fish faster - i just feel it won't keep their heads down for too long - my opinion of course) So, where can I buy this stuff in bulk? Also, maybe, where can I buy pellets? I was just going to find a pond supply store like big Al's and buy sinking koi pellets, any better suggestions? Tough time of year for sure, but I'm determined. I've caught the carp bug again in a big way and some time has opened up for me so I've been out and about in some popular hamilton spots.... although I haven't seen anyone else out. I think you're all fishing the CCIW/Fisherman's pier. So, I've picked some less frequented spots as I bet those spots are on fire right now, and I doubt another line on already packed swim is needed. haha. Anyway, thanks in advance guys!
  5. I don't even know how to cast a baitcaster hah. In my 18 years of fishing, I've never been successful at using one. I like the spinning reels. Immensely easier, well for this dummy at least haha.
  6. Ever heard the famous one liner from the hippy types in the face of adversity: "That's the breaks, man". Indeed that's the breaks. That's life. Sometimes you win and sometimes, well, you eat #### and fail miserably and curse whatever's up there why he has decided to bestow such misery upon you. We all got problems, some people drink too much, others smoke too much, some decide to run up credit card bills whilst others choose to gamble it all away on chance. Carp fishing is incredibly reminiscent of life's struggles in an esoteric, spacey, kinda way. We all know that feeling of getting down to the swim early in the morning and seeing the little pesky miscreants thrashing on the surface. We see the feed bubbles on the surface, all looks grand and carpy. Wonderful. Then we rig up, and mix our baits, expel our chum into the water, activate the alarms and engage the baitrunner, and wait. Then wait. Then wait some more. Then walk around, curse the seagulls, and continue walking around. Pop sweet corn kernels, all the while exploding inside wondering why the fish won't co-operate. The same could be said about girlfriends. No matter what you do right? Anyway, the breaks haven't been all that great as of late for various reasons. However, I decided to lift my spirits and saunter on down to my favorite swim after a chaotic day of work and let the universe untangle the mess while I just relax and escape. Everything was great, the pack bait was the perfect consistency, the water level was extremely high and the bank was flooded (this is great for this swim), the rain was holding off, I saw the carp. Just peachy. I packed my pack, laid my traps, turned on the buzzers and relaxed with a cigarette as I waited. Within minutes I had a few blips on the buzzer, probably cat fish, but who knows. Then, i re-baited and casted out, 20 or so minutes pass by, and the alarm screams off! FISH ON! Fish off. Felt the thing for a few seconds, and then it went limp.... HOOK PULL. That's the breaks man. I hated the rig I was using, the hook link was way too long, and I just didn't feel good about it, and I paid the price. As I re-adjusted everything - cursing profusely - this is when I realized carp fishing is like life. You have those incredible ups, and those incredible lows. However, I was about to ride a constant up from this point on. After I tossed out fresh bait and the newly done-up rig, it didn't take long before I was into a proper screamer of a run. I was knee deep in a colossal fight with a common carp that seemed to have been on steroids. It took me all over the place. Blistering runs, and just wouldn't give up! After a long arduous battle, I vested my opponent, and the trophy was mine! This may not be a trophy in most waters, but this is big big for my swim. Here's the beaut! A nice little fatty if I do say so myself! Anywho, after that pig was released back, i checked the line for any damage or problems, and balled up more pack, and out she went! Then in true English fashion, i had a total BELTER, and this was the result. What a fight this one put up. By this point i was well chuffed. It really seemed like the boilie was breaking in my favour. However, this was only the beginning of what would make this the best session I've ever had carp fishing or even fishing in general. Anyway, after repairing my rig from the beating it took from that carp, I was once again into a belter. They love the oat pack these carp! However... This carp is what brought on the change, and transformed this session from a good day to a day that a guy like me, cant even find the words to describe.... As I was playing this fish, there were two kids stood across the bank from me, and after seeing me fight a second carp they finally called over to me and asked me what it was. I of course informed the youngster it was in fact carp. They commentated the whole time, and kept saying over and over "it's a huge fish". It was comical. After that carp was vested and released back, the one kid, called over to me, and asked if he could fish beside me, I of course said yes. I sware to god, the kid BOLTED like lightning across the shoreline and made it over to me in what seemed like nanno seconds. Anyway, he starts asking me (he's 13, his name was matteo) all sorts of questions about my baits and stuff. I saw what he was using, and a bobber and worm wasn't going to put him onto these carp he so wanted to catch. So, I assessed the situation, and thought, "how can I make this happen?". Well, i asked the kid to grab the BIGGEST sinkers he could, and come back. Once again,at lightning speed, he's back! However, the sinkers were waaaaay too small, and it just wasn't going to hold bottom, so I dug deep into my tackle bag - as I was running low on tackle as it was - and found him a suitable sinker - luckily - i grabbed one of my trusty gamakatsu hooks, and rigged him up. As I was JUST about to tighten up the Palomar knot on the swivel, this guy took off at lightning speed and set the alarms a'screaming! This carp was like Mike Tyson on steroids! It was the hardest fighting one of the bunch! At first, I gave it to the kid to try and fight, but it wasn't being co-operative, and headed straight for the snags, so i had to take over, and muscle it out! But what a fish! A quick kiss, and off she went to fight another day! Here's where things take a turn for the monumental... I casted out my rhino rod, laid it down on the pod, engaged my bait runner, tossed out more corn and instructed the little guy to cast out into my baited spot. Now, it was about 330 at the time, and I had to split at 4 pm, so i was hoping and praying a carp would grace this enthusiastic kids hook. (This kid LOVED carp. He had watched stuff on YouTube and everything. But said he never could catch one, however) As we were chatting, all of a sudden ... ... .. ........ ..... HIS REEL STARTS SCREAMING! I pull my line out of the water, and keep a close eye on him to make sure all is going well. His line was too thick for his reel, so he didn't have much on his tiny spool, and it was about 10 yards away from being totally spooled, so I muscled the fish back, and it turned around and he took over. He fought it well, and listened to my coaching of when to reel and when not to - he did extremely well! After a spirited fight, the carp was defeated, and Matteo had a small and scrappy 4lb'er on the bank. Now throughout the fight, you could hear the happiness in his voice, the sheer elation of and euphoria he was experiencing. I could only but smile. As he held that fish so proudly and proclaimed that it was so big - to me only a tiddler - to him, a monster of the pond! Perspective my friends, perspective. You see, that's what it's all about. This world sucks and there's an obscene amount of ugliness that goes on all around the world every second, right now as i'm banging my fingers on this keyboard something horrible is happening. It's awful. But at that moment, on that bank, a person was happy. A person felt pure joy and happiness. That's a beautiful thing and something I'll never forget. This was the best day of fishing I've ever had. Sometimes the universe has a weird way of showing you signs. You know, I debated not helping that kid, I didn't have the supplies to give him, and I'm hard up for money, but something told me, I felt something, and I obliged. I am so glad I did. Not only did I feel immensely happy, but I helped someone else, and to me, that's better than any other feeling in the world. As the wise Hunter S Thompson once said: "Some People Get Rich, and Others Eat #### And Die". That's exactly how it is folks. So, be that good guy, and maybe, just maybe you'll make a difference, and like i said man, that's the breaks.
  7. Those are some true bruisers! I would've lost my mind if a carp got away through the net haha. Good anglin man!
  8. Hammercarp, I watched your video, and I do exactly as you do minus a 2 things. One, I don't use a flavouring. The flavouring is comprised of the creamed corn, the niblets and the juice from within the can of sweet corn. On my venue, they love sweet corn, so I figure I'll stick with that. Sometimes plain and simple is the best. Plus the oats have a smell to them anyway. Oh and I don't add salt. I do indeed use Quaker's quick oats (the red bag), maybe i'll go pick up proper oats next time i head out! See what happens! As far as breakdown time, last night I went out again (banked 1, knot slipped on the other) and Instead of putting the ball on my incorrect style of sinker, I just threw a few balls in the vacinity of where my hook was, worked a treat anyway! However, looking at that puff, I don't really like the look of it. I know it works, because people use it all the time, but it doesn't give me any confidence. In a venue sans pest fish, well a lowered population of them, I'll be using sweetcorn right on the hook, as that is pretty much the most instant bait there is. There isn't a carp in any country, pond/lake/reservoir/puddle that won't take that. When i fish bigger waters or if there are a bunch of pests about - gobies - i'd be more inclined to fish with a harder bait as it will take the abuse of those pests. I can't see a puff withstanding that, but hey, who knows! For those times I'll go totally euro. Good ole boilies! I think those can't be beaten on the deeper / more pest infested waters. They work everywhere, so why not here? But hey, this is just one guy. Many ways to bank these beauties!
  9. Truer words have not been spoken! I've always the felt the same way. Fishing is all about confidence! Hahaha and I'm sure he will lol
  10. Truth be told, I've always found carp angling to be quite fantastical. From the long rods, the even bigger reels, and the seemingly endless techniques to catch the queens of river. It's always struck me as - for a lack of better words - humorous, how there are seemingly endless styles of baits, rigs, flavorings and above all else, no one can really agree on anything to be completely honest. Some days while sitting on the back, I've wondered is this all really necessary? I look down to my right, and i see a stainless steel rod pod garnished with an electronic device that alerts me when the line is being fiddled with. I look to my rod, and wonder if I really need 350+ yards of 12lb monofilament. I've never had a carp even empty half of that. Or If my over-sized reel is what is necessary to do the job. Carp angling is like that insane friend you have, you know the one that smokes 2 packs a day, empties your fridge of beer all the while telling you fantastical stories of bull#### while engaging heavily in delusions of grandeur.... while you think to yourself; this is awesome. When I started out 5 years ago, I was so European. I watched numerous videos telling me boilies were the way, or hell paste may be the key whilst my dad calls me excessive and sweet corn on the hook will get'em on the bank without issue. Either way, I can't say for sure. However... I'm a pretty open minded guy, and I like trying new things. So, at this point, you may ask, what the hell are you on about? Well read on carp addict... This swim I've been fishing heavily has produced numbers of fish for me. I've been fishing it extremely barebones. Three sweetcorn kernals on the hook fished over a bed of - thrown out by hand - sweet corn. This worked, but i grew tired of fishing close in. So, to my dismay, and on my limited budget, I just had to find a better and more efficient way. So I took to google! I looked up method mix recipes, and by god, were there a lot of little bits and bops that went into those mixes - which i had totally forgotten about - but for a broke student, totally out of the question. Discouraged, but i forged ahead! Then, I remebered fighting with one my biggest adversaries on this forum, and I thought well, I don't particularily like him, but he catches fish. So, I figured, screw, I'll try it... So i did. I looked up a simple oat pack bait recipe and it was perfect on all facets. It quelled the sweet corn chum problem, it was cheap, and above all else, it supposedly worked. SO there i was, racing to food basics to grab a bag of Quaker's quick oats, a can of creamed corn and off to the pond I headed! Got there, mixed up the concoction and mouled it around my dropsey sinker, (which is the wrong style of sinker, and I learned why the hard way haha. I can't tell you how many times that ball flew off mid-cast...hahaha) modified it a bit in the sense that, I didn't bury my hook link in the ball, I let that hang loose as I like the bait to be a bit off the chum, because it'll get moved away anyway. As far as hookbait, it was the same simple sweetcorn, and I mixed those niblets in with the mix too. First session with this bait, I was in almost immediately, wonderful! Anyway, the session I'm writing about now, is the 4th one I've used with pack. I don't know if this is a coincidence or not, but the size of the fish has been on average bigger than before. The numbers have gone up also. Anyway, care to keep reading? Onward! So i worked till 430 last evening, raced home with visions of the golden ghosts on my mind, changed into my fishing garb and off I went. I went a little heavier on the niblets this time, so - correct me if I'm wrong - but I figured that would help with a quicker break down time. Anyway, it didn't take long but i was into this fatty! I was away from pod at the time, and I didn't hear the alarm until probably 30 seconds after, and during that time, it ripped out so much line, it was already on the other side of the pond. Wonderful! After a long, drawn out monolithic battle and a sore arm, this pig was on the bank. Like I said, the size has definitely gone up, and this is on the HUGE side for this water. Check'er out! After that fish was on the bank, it went dead. I threw out a few more balls, recasted a few times, got snagged, re-rigged, got bored, stared at the sky, and FINALLY I got into this beauty! Carp is beautiful - me, not so much. Anywho, was a cool three hours on the bank. Two nice fish, decent weights and good fights! Not the most productive, but that's fishing. However, over the last handful of times i've gone out, i do concede packbait is good, but it really isn't the be all and end all it's portrayed as. It works good for sure, but so does sweet corn on the bottom also. The numbers aren't that much different, but it does seem a bit more consistent. However, I still love the euro pods, and I'll never fish with a bait-caster nor will I use a puff or hell, even bury my hook in the pack ball. I will continue to use a hair when I feel like it, and other times I'll fish the sweet corn on the hook. Carp angling is strange, as are all good things in life. Sometimes you need a peculiar combinations of styles, mindsets and ideas to smack it out of the park. Well, it's worked for me....
  11. Will do man, hopefully i can make it out in october! I popped down there today, mark, and had 5 runs, landed 3, and 1 dropped run. They loooooovvveeee the pack over there I've noticed. I like using the pack now so i dont have to constantly being throwing sweet corn in and i can fish farther out than what I usually do. Nothing really too big today, one ran close to 10 though!
  12. Hey lorne! You're gonna love this one, i made a simple pack bait tonight. Just quaker oats and some creamed corn with niblets mixed in, no flavouring except the juice used from the can. Banged'em up. went 2 for 3 in an hour until i had to change spots due to inconsiderate anglers around me, casting over lines, etc. Other spot didn't produce. I like this pack bait. Simple and easy!
  13. Well, how do i start this post? Let's see ... hmm ... Last night was most serendipitous indeed. I was finishing up a session, and returning to my soccer dad van stinking of glorious carp slime, and on my way to expel the empty cans of the most amazing carp bait known to mankind - sweet corn - and as i looked to my right, there sat a man behind a rod pod with a center pin reel. I did a double take, as I couldn't believe what I was seeing, an actual carp angler, and a euro style one to boot! Immediately, i engaged this mysterious man with the question, "going for carp?". And low and behold, who turns around - decked out in the infamous green CAG hoody - Mark, or more commonly known on these forums as hairwig! Wow, what a trip down memory lane. I used to be a paying member in my younger days - although most would contend that I am still young at 25, but I don't feel that way - basically half a decade ago and in my younger and immensely angsty age of 19/20. We reminisced and talked all things carp. It was really nostalgic for me, as Mark was able to basically recall those times with razor sharp precision, and reminded me of my favorite bait back in those days - which i had almost completely forgot about - my cinnamon boilies in which many unsuspecting carp and my PB fell too. Ah the simpler days. Anyway, truth be told, i fell out of fishing in a big way. To be completely honest I can't remember if it was a one or two year break, but it was definitely a long time since my euro rods saw the water, and they still haven't! However, i've caught the carp bug again, and I've been fishing heavily over the last handful of months with my dad's painfully 80's, but immenesely awesome 6'6 rhino rod sat behind my pod and alarms, my silky smooth shimano baitrunner 4500b garnished with a hair rig - sometimes - and a 1 oz lead. (why must my rod and reel look older than I am haha) These days, I've kept the fishing mighty simple, as where I've been fishing hasn't needed the excessiveness of euro tactics. I use the hair rig when I tie a good one - as I'm painfully out of practice - but mainly 3 kernals of sweet corn on a size 4 gamakatsu octopus hook fished over a bed of sweet corn. It works! Anywho, I've landed a bunch of fish, some big and some painfully small, but it's all been great fun. I seriously missed the pandemonium that is caused when all of a sudden that alarm is screaming and line is being ripped out of the spool. Plus, it's always hilarious to see everyone just freeze and look at the whole scene. Specially those bass guys, as most have never seen the actual insanity caused when a carp has been pierced through the lip! I fish a small water, which I plan to keep under wraps - sorry guys! - but it's nice and relaxing and by god did i miss it! It's taught me a lot about carp fishing and how the fish behave and I feel that in the upcoming months I'm going to be ready to get back on the big waters and land something sizable! It's incredible how rusty you can get when not fishing! But without further adieu, here's some carp porn. But the million dollar question? Will I be around regularly? I think so, I'll be busy with the upcoming school year, but I'll be around when I can, and you might just see me around on the bank one day chasing these bars of gold. Just look for the guy incessantly huffing on an ecigarette, and pacing around haha. Now, the fish! These guys have been kind to me at this spot, haven't got too many of them. I think I've caught 5-6 in all of the times i've gone out. One ran pretty big, but bullheads bore me, so i didn't take a photo, but here's one of them anyway I pulled on a night session! This place is so odd sometimes, this little trash fish got in the way of my game fishing! Reminded me of the old fishing days of catching these "10-second-fight-no-drag-being-ripped-out" type of nonsense! Now for some proper fish, the carp don't run too big here and average about this size. Beautiful fish - ugly mug! God I'm a brute haha. Now for some of the fatties I've caught here. The above is the average, and I've most definitly caught a myraid of 2-4 pounders here, those are fun too, but we all love the girthy pig carp! Here goes! What beauty colours on this one!!! (funny story about this one, the bank was flooded, and i got a crapload of fish this day, pod sat in the water, totally english looking haha. Anyway, people down the bank were getting annoyed at the noise, and one of them came over and hassled me. As we were talking, the alarm went off again, and this was the result. Needless to say the dude wasn't happy, and ended up calling me an idiot haha. Plus, it took forever to land as I was using a bass rod, as my dad wouldn't lend me his rhino rod ... yet. Totally awesome fight, and the fun i had missed!) And my most recent fatty on a short two hour session, only bite i had, but it was a total one toner, and a totally vicious fight!!! Anyway, that about wraps it up, so expect to see me lurking around these forums again, i really did miss it. You all are a great bunch, except for one certain person, and for you historians and vets, you may remember who i had a run in with way back haha. Mark certainly did haha. Anyway, I hope to see some of you around the lovely polluted shores of hamilton! Tight lights, and slimey hands! -Paul aka Steeler
  14. Brid Caveney sorry but there is a resemblance haha.
  15. hi there all! My names Paul, I'm one of the younger cag members. I can be found in the spring/summer fishing my favorite swim at the desjardines canal. Look for the dude, wearing a toque in the sweltering heat, drinking 1000 coffees, and wearing flannel at all times. tight lines!
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