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  1. Sunday Thoughts 1/22/12 There are some people who enjoy restoring antique furniture. Others may be interested in the restoration of old cars and trucks. To restore means to make something like new again. Even after Peter denied Jesus three times Jesus restored him. After his restoration he became one of the greatest evangelists and church planters ever!! Perhaps you have failed God (and we all have) and need some restoration. If that is the case then come see us this morning as we look at...

  2. I have now reached a total of 1950 Facebook “friends”. But I really must make a confession. To be truthful, 2-3 of my "friends" are only acquaintances (You know who you are). Come see us!

  3. Maximus Relaximus (The Ultimate Carp Hound) and I have yet to strike Gold in 2012. Due to the fact that it will be 57 degrees with little wind tomorrow we are heading to Sandy Springs!! If you happen to be in the area of Morgan Falls Dam and want to join us or just come see us we would be delighted!! Stay tuned for a possible L&R 2012 debut!!

  4. Steve:

    Your presence has added a lot to the CAG forum. I really enjoy your posts and the contribution that you have made here. Keep it up and come see us sometime!

  5. "Needmo":

    I for one am glad that you are here. You are already becoming an asset to CAG and to this forum!!

  6. Billy:

    Glad to see you here! Looking forward to some bank time soon!


  7. Tim:

    You have become a great asset to the Ol' Captain's Crew. Thanks for becoming a vital part of what we do!

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