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  1. I'm delighted to announce that Paul Cienciera from Michigan has been elected as the our new treasurer. As many of you know Jerome Moisand announced, earlier in the Fall, his decision to step down from the Board of Directors and his role as CAG Treasurer. Jerome has agreed to shadow Paul over the coming weeks to ensure a seamless transition. Over the years Jerome has been at the heart of supporting CAG in a number of roles. In addition to being Treasurer he's been Director of Awards, Director of Events, Vice President and even NACA Editor. Thank-you for your years of service and we all look forward to seeing more fishing stories and great captures while you enjoy your retirement!
  2. As your new CAG President and on behalf of the Board of Directors I would like to wish everyone & their families the very best for the festive season.
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  4. Thank you Bob for your kind words and thank you for all you have done to support CAG. I know everyone sends their best wishes to you and a return to good health. All the best to you and your family for Thanks Giving.
  5. As your newly elected President I'm truly honored to have won your trust to take CAG forward. My thanks go to everyone who voted and my commiserations to Larry Kirchner. I would also like to extend my thanks on behalf of CAG to Bob Giodarno for his leadership & service to CAG. We all wish you a return to better health. In the meantime I look forward to delivering on my commitment toward better communication & engagement with our membership. Thank you again for your confidence in me as your new President. Yours, Iain Sorrell
  6. Anyone Navigating the CAG forum might find the following helpful. The "Unread Content" button is probably the most useful... well for me at least! Click on it and it brings up ALL the posts that you have not yet read over the past 365 days... You will then see a page like this... now you can scroll down click on and read any posts that interest you. Just underneath where it says "Unread Content" is a series of headings. If you click on the "V" arrow to the right of each heading (e.g. Following or Time Period) it will give you a series of options that allow you to change how your unread content is organized. Just remember that once you've read an individual post won't appear again in your 'unread content' search again. If you click on 'Read Status' and choose 'Everything' you'll see all the posts arranged by Today, Yesterday, Last Week etc. Any you've already read will appear faded rather than in bold. Another useful 'search' tool is the Activity button. If you are looking to find something you started, posted in or are following then just click on "My Activity Streams". I hope this helps and let me know if you find other useful ways to browse content on the forum!
  7. I'm delighted to announce that the CAG BOD has voted to create this new director position and that Phil Nathan has been accepted to take on this critical position. CAG Events Director A) Responsible for organizing and coordinating key annual CAG & other related events B ) Will ensure key people, as needed, are available to run such events and will monitor their progress and outcomes. C) Shall ensure such events are added to the CAG calendar in good time, well promoted & supported, prizes & trophies available, provided updates on outcomes featured via the CAG Forum, social and other forms of media.
  8. The BOD has voted to approve Kirk Suedmeyer as Missouri State Chair A big thank you to Kirk for stepping up and if you live in Missouri or surrounding state please be sure to get in touch with him. His application letter is below: Dear Staff, I would like to take this opportunity to be considered as the CAG State Chair for Missouri, which I understand is currently vacant. I am 56 years old, working as the Director of Animal Health for the Kansas City zoo for the past 25 years. I have been a member of CAG for almost one year; joining just after catching a large common carp that placed first in our businesses summer fishing contest. I am an enthusiastic pathologic fisherman, tirelessly catching a wide variety of species from every conceivable waterway, promoting catch and release to people of all ages. The common carp is worthy of the designation as a quality sport fish. I have recruited four members (family members) and encouraged another (MOCARP) to rejoin CAG. I have learned many things from members of CAG and would be privileged to serve the CAG members As State Chair, I will promote carp fishing throughout Missouri using the CAG objectives to elevate its status as a premier sport fish and recruit members. It is my long term hope to work with colleagues I have with the Missouri Department of Conservation advocating carp as sportfish, increasing our knowledge of the fish and their role in the waterways of Missouri. With innumerable bodies of water, the state record common carp of 50lbs and grass carp at 69lbs, Missouri has the creeks, rivers and impoundments to provide anglers a ready source of carp that rivals most other states; and as our motto states; “Show Me”, I believe Missouri CAG members will!!
  9. Adding your comments in support of the proposed CT Trophy Carp regulations is easy! Follow the link https://eregulations.ct.gov/eRegsPortal/Search/RMRView/PR2017-010 then Click the button that says 'Comment Now' top right of screen. Then add your details (you don't need to create an account) & then add your comments. Please feel free to copy and paste the following to add to your own comments. I support the CT Fishery proposals for Amendment to Section 26-112-45 & creation of certain Trophy Carp Waters. Catch & Release angling for Trophy sized Common carp (including mirror and other scale patterns) is growing rapidly and providing significant economic stimulus to businesses in CT. This step by CT DEEP Fisheries creates a far sighted opportunity to help protect trophy carp that will ultimately attract more anglers to CT.
  10. Thanks Dave. It's been a long time in the works and hopefully this will be a model for other states to follow in he future.
  11. Proposal for creation of Trophy Carp Waters & creel limits on the number & size of carp. After several years working with the folk at CT DEEP we finally have a proposal that will go a long way toward protecting the specimen carp in CT waters. This is just the start and if we can get this passed into the regulations for 2018 it will be a huge step forward – not just for CT but hopefully it will help motivate other states in the future! At the end of this post you will the details of a public meeting Aug 9th so we need to get plenty of folk to attend and support these proposed regulations. If you cannot attend please use the links to send in your comments in support of these proposed amendments. The more responses we can generate the more chance we have of ensuring these proposals are accepted. If you have any other comments please feel free to post them on the CAG forum rather than Facebook pages. Trophy Carp Waters Proposal (l) Trophy Carp Waters. The maximum length for common carp shall be twenty-six inches and the daily creel limit for common carp shall be one in : Batterson Park Pond (Farmington, New Britain), the Connecticut River, its coves, and those portions of its tributaries open to fishing throughout the year, as provided in section 26-112-44(a)(1) of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies, Squantz Pond (New Fairfield), and West Thompson Reservoir (Thompson). The commissioner may grant an exemption from maximum length and daily creel limit requirements of this subsection to any person issued a permit under section 26-112-42 to conduct a fishing tournament or derby in any Trophy Carp Water provided that all fish caught shall be released, without avoidable injury, to the waters where taken. Please note that this covers the CT River from the MA border to LIS, coves and key tributaries which are critical to help protect spawning areas. All other CT Rivers, Lakes & Ponds Outside of these Trophy carp areas the new proposals will have defined limits on the number and size of carp that can be taken as follows: (1) [Carp]Common carp, bowfin, tench, suckers, eels and sea lampreys may be taken by angling, bobbing, ice fishing, bow and arrow fishing and spearing, except that, in streams or sections of streams stocked with trout, charr and/or salmon, these species may be taken only by angling or ice fishing. Spearing is prohibited in all lakes and ponds. (2) The daily creel limit for American eel shall be twenty-five. (3) The minimum length for American eel shall be nine inches. (4) The daily creel limit for common carp shall be five, not more than one of which may exceed thirty inches in length, except in Trophy Carp Waters as specified in section 26-112-46 of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies. The commissioner may grant an exemption from the daily creel limit or length requirements specified for common carp in this subsection to any person issued a permit under section 26-112-42 to conduct a fishing tournament or derby provided that all fish caught shall be released, without avoidable injury, to the waters where taken. One public hearing has been scheduled to obtain public comment to determine whether to adopt the proposed regulations or to adjust the measures. All interested persons are invited to express their views on the proposed regulations at the following public hearing: Date: August 9, 2017 Time: 6:30 pm Location: Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, Gina McCarthy Auditorium, 79 Elm Street, Hartford, Connecticut 06106 Interested persons may also choose to present their views regarding the proposed regulations in writing during the public comment period. Written comments should be submitted no later than 4:30 PM on August 25, 2017. Based on public comment, the proposed regulations may be adjusted to meet the objective of the proposal. Comments may be submitted using one of the following methods: Online via the eRegulations system: https://eregulations.ct.gov on the Secretary of State’s website. Go to “Open for Public comment”, select this regulation and follow instructions for submitting comments. By mail or delivery service to Bill Foreman at the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, Fisheries Division, 79 Elm Street, Hartford, CT, 06106-5127 By email to william.foreman@ct.gov By fax to 860-424-4070 (attention: Bill Foreman).
  12. Anyone interested in becoming an Admin on the CAG Facebook page? - Monitor posts & flag / remove any that appear abusive, commercial (excluding CAG Business Supporters), spam or against the mission & principles of CAG. - Review people who want to join the CAG Facebook group (decline any that might be against the principles of CAG such as bow fishers, potential spammers or appear blatantly commercial) Ideally Admins will be current CAG members. Please PM me if interested.
  13. CAG is run entirely with the help & support of dedicated volunteers. We need more volunteers to help bring CAG to full strength especially in some key areas such as outreach, social programs and leadership. These positions do require folk to dedicate some time but it really comes down to what you can spare and the more help we have the easier it is to share the load. If you are willing to help support CAG and it's mission please let us know by PM'ing me and we can discuss the opportunities available. Thank you
  14. First class job as always Dean - CAG & NACA leading the way as always for top quality news, articles and production.
  15. So where do I start… perhaps my family first as they have put up with me being more than a little focused over the past couple of months. I probably did not realize quite how much work was going to be involved to make sure that this our first North American Carp Conference was a success. Actually they said I’ve been a royal pain in the ass so clearly I need to make up for that! They even helped out setting up and on the day at the NECC so a massive thank-you for all the support, patience & wide berths you’ve given me when I’ve been less than tolerable! Our speakers made a huge effort to share their incredible knowledge with the audience. The presentations made by Adam Tarnacki, Dave Pickering, Dean Brookes, Austin & Brendan Pass, Tom & Brian Daugherty and Phil Nathan were all first class and truly thought provoking. I’m sure no one went away without learning something that will help improve their carp fishing. Last but not least a massive thank-you to Rob Hughes for taking time out of his hectic schedule to join us live not once but twice via video link. I did not imagine in my wildest dreams that we would ever attract such an amazing array of fabulous prizes from our incredibly generous sponsors. My initial target for donated prizes was simply swept away with the wave enthusiasm that so many companies and key individuals showed towards this the very first NECC. We raised an amazing $1600 from the raffle that will go towards the Carp Anglers Group continued mission to encourage more people to take up carp fishing and raise awareness for carp as a sportfish in North America. I’ll be contacting our sponsors to thank them individually and also to highlight them further on social media. I’m sure it was a true leap of faith for our vendors to come on board and in many cases travel hundreds of miles to be at this our inaugural event. My thanks to the Fishing Factory 3, Carp Maxx, Trilogy, World Classic Baits, Carp Angler Magazine, Record Baits, Stick ‘Em Steve Decals, Carp Mart, Advanced Fishing and of course Team USA Carp Squad who endured a nightmare journey from Indianapolis suffering three flight cancellations and lost luggage. Your trust and support in making this all work so well was very much appreciated. The NECC could never have happened without it being a Carp Anglers Group event. As a non-profit organization we are truly dependent on the time and generosity of our dedicated members who volunteer their time so selflessly. My sincere thanks go to my fellow CAG board members who allowed me to run with this idea and supported me all the way. Bob Giodarno, Jerome Moisand, Larry Nowicki, Barry Howard, Dave Pickering, Bob Hall, Edwin Stackhouse & Steve Clow – thank you! I must also give mention to Kevin Smith and the folk at the Elks Lodge in Middletown who so patiently answered the many questions I had and ensured that everyone was well catered for in the Lodge bar & restaurant. And finally my thanks go to all of you who came along and joined in the fun. Your attendance made this all worthwhile. As I said a few times social media simply cannot replace the true quality time that only comes with us all being in one place together. It was everything I’d hoped for just to see so many people sharing fishing stories and experiences with friends old and new. We managed to sign up over 30 new CAG members as a result and I hope you all had a great time and went away looking forward to the next NECC!
  16. Are you ready? Saturday April 8th will be the first ever Carp Angling Conference to be held in North America! Learn all about Fishing for Carp! Doors Open 10am and event runs till 6pm Venue: Elks Lodge, 44 Maynard, RD, Middletown, CT Entry on the Day: $20 ($15 CAG member) - Under 16's admitted Free when accompanied by an adult - • TAG Sale – Bring along your carp gear to sell or swap! • Rig, Bait & Beginner Clinics • Tackle & Bait Vendors • Expert Panel Q&A – We are planning a live video link with one of the UKs top carp anglers! • Guest Speakers – talks from top level carp anglers. • Door Prizes / Raffle – Over $5000 worth of top tackle prizes! • Food & Beverages on sale during day www.facebook.com/NECarpConference
  17. NECC Parking Follow directions to: 44 Maynard St, Middletown CT
  18. NECC Floor Plan You can also download and print: Floor Plan 032317.pdf
  19. NECC Program & Events You can also download & print a copy: NECC Program Schedule.pdf
  20. Vendor Profile Trilogy Carp Baits was born from one man’s passion and the dreams of 2 young anglers to share together the awesome sport of carp fishing. Trilogy baits have been developed for anglers who strive to catch bigger and better carp every time they go out. These specially designed baits have been proven for well over a decade by a select few with outstanding. The baits have been developed through an alternative method, using only high quality, human grade ingredients that create a longlasting bait without the need for refrigeration. Whether you use them in day or longer sessions or even in a tournament setting Trilogy baits have been created ‘for anglers by anglers’ so you can be sure of getting the best results. “baits by anglers for anglers” www.trilogycarpbaits.com
  21. Sponsor Update Wacker Bait & Tackle Fueled by his great passion for carp fishing, Paul Pezalla founded Wacker Bait & Tackle nearly 20 years ago. Soon his brand became a leading supplier of house-made baits, boutique tackle items, and the latest and greatest carp products from around the world. First class customer service and expert advice cemented Paul’s reputation and the Wacker name as a fixture on the American carp scene. As the new owner of Wacker Bait & Tackle Corey Tedesco will continue to provide the carp community with excellent bait and tackle products, service, and advice with the ultimate goal of helping you get the most out of your time on the bank.
  22. Vendor Profile World Classic Baits is a family owned business. The experience and passion for European style carp fishing of Ernest Kolodziejczyk along with the social skills and mastery in “Pack and Ship” field of Magdalena Ludwinska, set the ground for our adventure as carp bait makers back in 2008. Ernest always explores and tries new things aiming for perfection in making WCB baits different from others. For years “Erni’s Method Mix” has been a best selling groundbait in the USA and the Hemp Madness is an ideal choice for Spring sessions. In addition to their high protein boilies, pop ups and hook baits WCB offers a complete range of booster flavorings, dips, jumbo corn, panko, oat mixes and lots more. All these products come in an array of flavors including the ever popular 4Season, Tiger Nut, So Berry, Pineapple and Sweet Corn. Every year WCB work hard to give you the highest quality and most effective baits on the market. Check out their website: store.worldclassicbaits.com and use the coupon code NECC2017 for 15% off your Spring baits order in the month of April. Be sure to stop by the WCB booth at the NECC!
  23. Please see below the designated parking areas for the NECC
  24. Our second speaker profile: Phil Nathan Presentation: River Strategies, Tournaments and Fish Born and raised on Fishing in the South of England Phil has fished for freshwater coarse and game fish as well as many saltwater species. Phil cut his teeth on waters throughout the Darent Valley in the SE of England during the 70’s and 80’s. In addition to fishing this ‘Silicon Valley of Carp Fishing’ Phil was also “lucky enough to share bank time with some of the great carp anglers of the era including names like Savage, Ashby & Harris…” In his late teens and twenties Phil worked with notable Southern UK tackle shops to develop the iconic Conoflex range of bespoke rods for all types of angling including Carp. Now based in NY Phil is using his knowledge to catching Carp throughout Long Island and Connecticut. Fishing solo & on his first attempt Phil won the CARP Connecticut Tournament in October 2016. Phil ‘s tally of big fish includes numerous carp to over 30lb both in the UK and USA together with many specimen fish from the UK to over 75% of National record status including Barbel, Chub, Tench, Bream and Roach. Phil is as eager to learn new tactics as he is to share his own knowledge and skills with others. In his presentation for the NECC Phil will share the river tactics and strategies that helped him land in excess of 50 fish during the Connecticut Big 4 Tournament and secured him Tournament win.
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