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  1. The Baiting Pyramid View File Iain Sorrell reveals his success on US water using the Baiting Pyramid first developed by the legendary Mike Wilson while fishing Savay back in the 1970's Submitter (CT) Savayman Submitted 02/14/2019 Category General
  2. More great vendors added and the perfect time to stock up on your bait & tackle needs for the upcoming season! Here is the list so far... * Fishing Factory 3 * Carp Maxx * Orient Rods * Record Baits * Linear Bait & Tackle Specials * Carp Mart * Advanced Rods USA - Century * CT Carp Leads * Carp Bait USA * World Classic Baits It's going to be a great show! Click Here to Register for the North American Carp Conference !
  3. Linear Bait & Tackle plus World Classic Baits have also joined our list of vendors!
  4. CAG Trifold - Cover Page View File CAG Trifold Brochure - Cover Page Submitter (CT) Savayman Submitted 02/06/2019 Category General
  5. A couple of folks have asked about vendors for the NACC. This is the provisional list so far... * Fishing Factory 3 * Carp Maxx * Orient Rods * Record Baits * Carp Mart * Advanced Rods USA - Century * CT Carp Leads * Carp Bait USA It's going to be a great show so Click the 'Book Now' logo or this link http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php… this page to register!
  6. Pre-Paid On-line Registration now open! Click Here for Pre-Paid Registration! We are expecting a lot more attendees this year. Please complete your pre-paid registration ASAP as the venue capacity is limited! Save with Pre-Paid Registration: CAG Members $5 & Non-Members $10 All Pre-Paid Registration Holders will receive 10 Free Raffle Tickets. *** Please note that we do not send out tickets - We will check your on-line registration details at the door and provide you with an entry id *** Free Admission for Under 16's when accompanied by an adult ticket holder. Location: Elks Club Middletown, CT Saturday April 6th 10am – 6pm
  7. HI Roger, Unfortunately this behavior is not limited to Ohio or even just carp anglers. It is also seen in other USA States and especially when an area produces larger than average fish. Please feel free to message me directly as I would like to understand a bit more about the circumstances and background. Many thanks, Iain
  8. Happy New Year & Good luck to everyone taking part in CAG FFF 2019 event!
  9. I'd like to welcome Linear Baits who have come on board as one of our CAG Business Sponsors. Linear will be donating some of their excellent Session Packs as Event Prizes throughout the coming year! https://www.linearbaitco.com/
  10. A Happy Thanksgiving to all our CAG members!
  11. I only got mine in CT yesterday (Monday). The mailing house uses bulk mail so it can take a while.
  12. Many thanks Vince. I hope we can find someone equally talented to continue to lead CAG Ohio!
  13. Oct 2018 CAG eNews View File Submitter (CT) Savayman Submitted 10/29/2018 Category General
  14. Unfortunately the admins won't admit anyone with such sparse Facebook profile information. Some basic info, fishing photos, friends etc will help convince them you are a 'real' person.
  15. The 25th Anniversary issue of the NACA is now at the printers! Here's a preview of the cover together with the special 25 anniversary year pin mounted on a presentation card. I'll announce when mailing to CAG members begins in the next couple of weeks. Please note that we use bulk mail so I 'd imagine you should see its arrival before the end of November. >> If you have changed address recently PLEASE be sure to update your address in your member profile! << It's taken a lot more work to source some of the material and images than anticipated... Thanks for your patience everyone!
  16. At the CCC 2018 Plenary meeting it was my privilege, as CAG President to award Barry Howard the Champion of the Queen Award for 2018. Barry has been an exceptional volunteer and loyal and dedicated member of the Board of Directors for many years. He excells in his capacity as Store Manager & Membership Director, He's a First Class Organizer & Event Planner, He's driven thousands of miles in support of CAG events, taken on & learned new computer skills, and has always remained calm even in a crisis. Congratulations and thank you Barry!
  17. >>>> Click Here for Rules & Registration <<<<<
  18. CAG Spring Big 4 2019... I would welcome some input as we look ahead to planning this event. One of the key issues is which months to hold the Spring Big 4. Clearly timing of the spawn in different states is a key factor that influences the size of fish. So first Question - which TWO months do carp typically spawn in your state?
  19. The overall feedback is certainly very positive to run the Fall Big 4 October 1st - November 30th. The Spring Big 4 is still work in progress and I've asked folk on Facebook and here to give their input on the typical 2 month spawning window for each state. Once we have the data we can make some decisions and have folk review the options. Thanks everyone!
  20. *Call to Arms! State Chairs Needed!* We are in need of a few good anglers to step up and help their state, and their resident anglers, to help spread the word for this amazing species/sport! Below is a list of the state chair responsibilities, as well as a list of states that are still needing a state chair. Please let me (Chad Woolard (TX) djkleen02) know if you are interested, and we can discuss further. Our goal is to get a state chair in place for all 50 states, and then some! Requirements include, but are not limited to: 1. Host at least one event per year, two events if possible 2. Submit all events on the CAG forum calendar 3. Actively promote CAG and help recruit new members 4. Keep in communication with all of your states members (forum or social media) 5. Create a Facebook group for your state (i.e. "Carp Anglers Group - North Dakota") 6. Be active on social media and/or the forum to help other anglers/members Items available upon request: 1.CAG Promotional Brochures 2.Business cards 3.Event Medals Open States: Alabama Alaska Arkansas California Delaware Florida Hawaii Idaho Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Mississippi Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Mexico North Carolina North Dakota Oregon Pennsylvania South Dakota Utah Vermont Washington Wyoming
  21. I certainly think we should make the Fall Big 4 to run Oct 1 - Nov 30th as that seems to cover all states quite well. As for the Spring that might need to be a different scenario as the spawn in TX and other states takes place as early as mid March. Perhaps we run a Southern State Big 4 for March & April and Northern May & June? That way there is no overlap and for folk who want to travel they can enter both events?
  22. Posted from Facebook. Responses from Keith Thompson & David Moore
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