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  1. BCT is the best ever... NEVER had one problem with them and they have been VERY fast and VERY nice to me. Im hoping to place an order with them SOON!!!
  2. Raspberry and peach tea are the ish!
  3. K1 baits are awesome. I always reccomend their products to everyone i talk to about carping. I love their flavored maize and hae caught good on their boilies too. To me they are the best bait ou can buy... I will be ordering from them more often!
  4. This is one i caught from last year. This deformed carp fell to an anise boilie.... I have never saw a carp quite like this... He didnt fight to good, thoguth it was a ssmall catfish at first the way it fough.... Little Kinky.... LOL
  5. Hey mickey, can i please change my display name... I was told to contact you if i wanted to change it. THanks, Nate...

  6. Carpin 4 life!!!!

    1. tmostello


      I just started carp fishing 3 years ago (Euro style)pods,alarms,etc. Anytime you have questions or anything give ma a hollar. Good Luck this year and enjoy CAG

    2. Captain Carpy

      Captain Carpy

      Thanks tmostello sorry i didnt see u posted this... Will do man

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