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  1. Hey Andy, Nice to hear from you, I am from Douglassville so I am real close by! I am hoping to get something nice together but no one is saying much. Worse comes to worse you and I can do some fishing! Sincerely, Nate
  2. Hello, I am simply making this thread to get a rough estimate on how many PA carpers are still active on here. I am trying to gauge the activity in hopes of planning a small get together or "fish-in" at some point. I know I have talked about this idea before but would love to meet a bunch of guys with the same mind-set! Would just have to plan a good spot and time to do so! Please comment below if you are from PA! Sincerely, Nate
  3. Andy, nice to see another euro carper nearby. I live close to Pottstown and fish all over around here. Funny you mentioned MC, you had prob seen some post about it from GORDONSSPORTSUPPLY? LOL. MC is tough, fished it three times now with no luck but have seen very large carp surface. I want to find someone or a few reliable good people to not only fish it with me (prebait like crazy) but also fish for carp all over in general. Feel free to P.M. me for more info... would love to talk! Sincerely, Nate
  4. Hello Luke, Welcome to the wonderful world of carping! I cannot directly help you with fishing the Nock because I have not spent any time carp fishing there but I will say that when the fish are in heavy spawn they do not feed. Although, with such a big lake, not all the carp spawn at exactly the same time. I have heard of people fishing the nock but do not know a lot about where they fished or what the overall structure of the population is like. Do not let it get you down, sometimes they can be a little tricky. Could have been a few factors but fishing heavy weeds is challenging and to
  5. Brian... you know me... I already said i will try to make it like the rest! The secret code is manglaze... remember hahaahahaha . Miguel will know what i mean!
  6. Its one hour and ten minutes from me... i will talk to my buddies and let you know if we will be coming. It could possibly be 4 total if there is room. I am not for sure if we will make it though. Just saw this now... haven't been on CAG in a long while!
  7. Captain Carpy

    PA Fish In?

    I would maybe come depending on when it is and how far it is. Just let me know! I live in Berks Co.
  8. One solution... use GOOD hooks. Make sure they are sticky sharp. If not chuck them... gets expensive but has always served me well. I use all Fox hooks. Give em a try.
  9. I do not like Korda hooks... When I fished with them I had problems with hook pulls as well. I have never had one Fox hook bend, break, etc and they are SUPER sharp... esp the arma points.
  10. Yeah I would be interested in having a fish in... been wanting to attend one for a for yrs now here in pa... haven't had the opportunity though!! : / I live in Berks county.
  11. Boilies work... just tend to seek out the bigger fish IMO. Your best bet is to bait boilies bfore hand tho. I fish it all. Depends on the day and the swim.
  12. Tigeruts do the business here!! I don't bait with them just use them on the hair over a bed of whatever im fishing.
  13. Tom, you are correct. I only fish in the spring/summer months though. Im to busy hunting in the fall/winter months of the year. So there was no need for me to really state. So to all who read... all my tactics I use are in spring/summer so therefore they must be good then lol. And I don't really river fish tbh just giving him some tips I know about carping in general. I lake fish mainly. And agree I think it does seem harder in a lake then in a river too.
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