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  1. SWEET!!!!!..Congrats...
  2. Thank you Vince...always good to fish with you guys!!!...
  3. Had a good time Saturday morning despite the cool temps and the threat of rain...Got to meet Mike (fieldzee) and share in a great lunch that he brought for everyone...now I know why Bucyrus is the Bratwurst capital....yummy...thanks again Mike, and I hope to see you on the bank again soon. Thanks also to Bill, and I look forward to the next time we all can wet a line together... -Vic
  4. Gonna try to make it Fri or Sat...won't know for sure until I get there...
  5. How the Hell did i miss this??? ...oh right...i'm old Anyway...Happy (be-lated) Birthday
  6. Thanks all..Had Marion's pizza and carrot cake for my B-day...not bad, not bad at all..
  7. Bird...get the heck outta there asap!
  8. You are indeed a fortunate man...congrats to the both of you
  9. Indeed!...Those are screaming to be applied to a desktop...
  10. Merry Christmas you guys...Enjoyed seeing you all in the video -Vic ETA...When Uncle Rod really sings...is when he cooks !
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