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  1. I am trying to change my password, I am not computer literate and don't understand how to change it. Bud
  2. I use 2 9' BFS rods and 2 Daiwa Regal plus 4500 BRI reels and don't have any problems. I have been using them for about 4 years or more and have no desire to go bigger on either one. What ever you choose, all you have to do is take care of them and you will be fine. As for rigs, pick out or make your own and always remember, keep it simple. If you can afford the pig time stuff, go for it, you don't need a few grands worth of stuff trying to keep up. It's called carp fishing and it is fun. Bud P.S. I am over 70 and retired and enjoy carp fishing for most of my life.
  3. If you don't mind me asking, where about in Pa. are you? Spot looks familiar. Bud
  4. I've been using this for an avatar for a few years and think it is great. Mostly because it represents the amount we spend on carp fishing. Bud
  5. I to use the daiwa regal plus bri 4500 series and love them. As for rods i use 3 BFS Long Distance series length 9.0 ft., cast wt:2.5oz. and have never had a problem with either. Bud
  6. I am a believer after many years of free lining.
  7. Nice mirror Jim, great looking fish. Bud
  8. Nice looking catch. Good job. I haven't caught my first grasser. Bud
  9. If this is still on I will take 1 Wild Whiskey and 1 of the berry. Bud
  10. Good job i've been after them for a while also. Just thought I would post the info. Bud
  11. I was told by a friend that Pa. fish and game voted into affect as of 1/1/2012 that we can use 3 rods. I emailed the Pa. fish and game to see if this is true. They did get back to me, it is true. So, when the bite isn't strong, toss out another rod. Bud
  12. Received my calender 1/4/12 at 19565. Also I want to thank you all for a job well done. Simply fantastic. Bud
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