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  1. A few of my faves... one each, mirror, common and koi!
  2. Nibble Notice! That's brilliant!
  3. Buster... the red star is because the DC flag has 3 red stars on it, and the red carp is because it's a 2 color print!! Plus... there's plenty of commies in DC!!!!
  4. Can we please keep this on topic lads...... we're talking about DC T-shirts, not Philly ones!!!!!
  5. These are available to anyone who wants one....... Pat has them at the moment..... not sure how many we have, but I'll put one to the side for you Keith in an XL. Do you want it mailed, or should I give it to you at the WCC? Cheers, Stewart.
  6. Just thought I'd let people who are coming to the DC fishin, know that there will be 'Carp Capitol - USA' T-shirts available for 10 bucks a piece. See Pat Kerwin or myself if you want one..... I'll only be there on Saturday, but I'm sure Pat will be there all weekend! Cheers, Stewart.
  7. Dude..... this is going to be hardcore..... none of that driving your carp wagon to your swim.... Are you sure you're up to the challenge!!? Later, Stewart. "Team Capital"
  8. I like the name "Team Capital".... we should go with that!! Bring it on!!!!!!!
  9. That's funny..... I thought I was being really original calling our team "Team Virginia"!!! So, do we have a deal then? Stewart & John - Team Virginia Mark & Tommy - Team Smurf Louis & Matt - Team Pennsylvania The all conquering Team USA!!! Come on Bill...... Boilie Shop teams........ Please!!! We're gonna whup ya' arse's!
  10. Kewl bro'...... just need one more team, and then we'll be onto a winner for sure!!
  11. I was wondering if any of you WCC participants out there want to get together and form a US National Team (consisting of 3 2-man teams from the same country). If so, I'm looking for another 2 teams to join mine. Below are the rules from the ACS Web site. * Nations Team Champions: Nations teams will consist of 3 teams from the country they represent. ICFA representatives are responsible for deciding on the teams. If a country does not have a ICFA representative that countries competitors will be asked to have team captain appointed to make such decisions. Determined by total placement points of each team which is determined the following way. If 200 teams participate the team coming in first shall receive 200 points . The second place team shall receive 199 points etc all the way down to last place. Any teams not catching, placing or is disqualified shall receive 0 points for the nation’s team. Teams formed with 2 different countries being represented forfeit participation in this category. Teams may also decline voluntarily to participate in this competition. This event in no way effects overall winner. Cheers, Stewart.
  12. To everyone entering the 2005 WCC in June..... It looks like the stakes have risen dramatically!!!! $1,000,000 will be payed to anyone breaking the New York state Carp record during the tournament. Currently at 50 lbs 4 oz. Prize monies will be paid out as an annuity......details of this and all rules pertaining to the $1,000,000 State record prize to follow shortly... Now THATS worth fishing for!!!!
  13. Yeah bro'.... with your 45 from Austin!!
  14. ...and our very own Tommy Robinson was in this months issue of International Carper too!!! T-Dog....
  15. Can someone please move Keith to the "Off Topic - Boring Section" PLEASE??!!!!
  16. The pop-ups aren't flavored so you can then use them dipped in a flavoring of your own choice, maybe to match your bottom baits... This way you can match your pop-up to your freebies! Cheers, Stewart.
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