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  1. Miguel: nice to see an old face Yes I do in fact, euro style carp fishing...not so much, I spend most of my time these days for work on a plane. I am really into flyfishing / tying now and carp on the fly is an obsession for me so are pike/muskie and smallmouth and all salmoniods. My work has me spending 8 days a month in Michigan and 8 days a month in Indiana so I try to book hotels near water...and get out and fish while on the road. Those remaining days at home are family time, but I do sneak out and fish some of our urban waters in the Dallas Metro for all manner of rough fish on the fly. Really urban fishing on a fly is probably my favorite I prefer graffiti and concrete over pine trees and slippery rocks. walk down memory lame, reminds me I should support the group that got me into this. just renewed my CAG membership Edit: I tried to renew my membership, but it told me I was already a member or had it in cart and to contact an admin.
  2. Cool that after a decade this stuff is still here....
  3. looking for a old photo on google lead me back here, its an old post with some old members commenting, good read.
  4. I registered over there but it will not let me post a topic....PM thing weird, send them via TFF
  5. I never really left just spend my time doing local stuff and flyfishing.
  6. so my new territiory includes Indiana I am up here every other week and I have been accross the state from elkhart co to Jefferson co from Vermillion to Adams I work mostly with the sheriff's departments. Now that its finally thawing out I am traveling with some fishing gear mostly fly fishing gear just wondering where I might find some carp angling oppertunitys I would love to chase some carp with the fly rod but I can travel with my float gear as well. I am in logensport tonight man everything is flooded up this way but I hope to get on some indiana fish at somepoint.
  7. Julie and I will be there again, thank you so much for putting on the event this year again neil!!
  8. there are guys in texas that use those 3 man sling shots by them selves by using there feet....i am not brave enough to try it.
  9. Austin fishing gotta love it... DSC_8373 by zvanfleet, on Flickr
  10. oh..this one is pretty good... DSC_8377 by zvanfleet, on Flickr
  11. just because I didn't catch fish....dosn't mean I didn't take some pics... DSC_8334 by zvanfleet, on Flickr DSC_8284 by zvanfleet, on Flickr DSC_8271 by zvanfleet, on Flickr I have some more but none of fish....lots of dogs, but no fish.
  12. I saw this sunday, pretty cool. I have noticed a ton of people showing up on my favorite flats over the past year.
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