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  1. How many are entered in the "pro'" division and how many do you expect? Based on last year's entrants, 20 participants would seem to be on the high side?
  2. After being a steward for a couple of years, I wanted to fish this year's event. I opted to fish on Saturday and steward on Sunday. I had the fun of fishing next to Elli and her grandfather and Dale Anderson a bit further upstream. Watching Elli fight and land every one of her fish, by herself, is exactly why this is such a great event. Dale spent a lot of time teaching Carping 101 to a newbie for the entire time. I really didn't miss fishing on Sunday. Just roaming the bank to weigh fish and talk w/ the participants was as much fun. Looking forward to next year.
  3. Pony Express rider finally made it to my door. Very nice!!! 61108
  4. Ernest...Happy Birthday! Enjoy your special day.

  5. It's only $25 in the U.S. but with that tarty new pod, you need to pay more!
  6. I thought Andy made a great report at the CCC meeting for the state of CAG at present and where we hope to go. We have some very dedicated folks working hard to promote CAG.
  7. Nice, well run event! I've never fished the section below the dam but did learn a lot about it today while working as a steward. Larry K made a lot of folks happy today at the awards presentation. Attendance has almost doubled in just two years and he has it well on it's way back to "old times".
  8. See you in the morning. Maybe I'll end up as the steward in your area. Where are you fishing?
  9. Thanks. They were taking every fish they could get for Whoo Haven. It's a rehab center for all birds of prey. They have a tough time maintaining a stock of food for the birds. I stuck around after I weighed my fish and did a demo for euro style fishing and tried to push the C&R of sport fishing for carp. The local club inquired about me doing a program for them at one of their monthly meetings. I also spoke with a guy that does an area radio show and wants to do an interview. So, we just try to do whatever we can to promote the sport and change some views....one fisherman at a time!
  10. Frank, Very well thought out post. You make some valid points. I'm sure that a few more folks helping Larry K next year would make things much easier for him. He was streched pretty thin trying to run both events and do all of the work by himself. This event has a lot of potential and just might need a bit of tweaking.
  11. At the peg draw, Lee Young mentioned a 12 & 1/2 foot version may also be coming out this fall. He may have been taking some orders for the 12 footers last weekend. If the local retailers don't have the info, check with Lee.
  12. Sure hope you survived. Man, do I feel bad for you guys having to keep running down the bank for alarms! If you had asked, we would have traded pegs with you and you could have slept all night without all that noise!! LOL You could have also taken some of Paul S. "medication" and you wouldn't have remembered the surfing.
  13. Mike...thanks for posting the pictures. Good job!
  14. You didn't need the Skypod to fish 20 meters from the bank! LOL
  15. Thanks to everyone for a really fun tournament. Special thanks for all the hours the stewards put in to make this an enjoyable event. Edward....you were spot on with your winning prediction of total weight and your estimate on size for the big fish. Local knowledge rules!!!! I enjoyed fishing with all of you.
  16. I did a bit of searching for a convenient breakfast spot on Saturday morning and found: Town and Country Family Restaurant located on highway 26 between Page Park and Lowell Park. They open at 6A and serve a full breakfast menu. For those wanting an address to punch in the GPS (1135 N. Galena Ave.)
  17. The rules sheet shows a "meet & greet" for Friday at Page Park. What time and is anything scheduled for this? Anybody planning to attend? Is camping allowed on Friday night at either Page or Lowell Park?
  18. Just got back from Dixon. The river is in great shape and very fishable. The water has even cleared quite a bit. Everything should be great this weekend. BTW...DO NOT FORGET your bug spray !!!!! The skeeters will get you!
  19. Mike...I suggest you park a long way from the road!! LOL
  20. Rock River report....with a couple of river tournaments on the horizon, I pulled off my gravel pits and local lakes to start hitting the Rock. Until last week, it's been a bit high & muddy. I fished it most of last week, the weekend, and again this morning. I took 12 fish (11 common & 1 buffalo) today. The numbers have been quite good all week but the size hasn't been anything for bragging rights. Largest this morning was a bit over 14#. All of the fishing has been on various City of Rockford public access spots but I hope to work down to Dixon in the next week or two. Got to get those hogs trained for the Dixon tournament if we're going to stand a chance against all the heavyweight competition!!
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