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  1. Got mine--14305. One of the best calenders I've seen in years..
  2. Hi Frankny--sorry it took so long to get back to you.I use to know a few guys that carp fished from around here but haven't talked or seen them in a few years.Yea I wouldn't mind getting out and doing some carp fishing.I'll keep your number handy and give you a call some day..

  3. Welcome to the forum--sure wish I had a reservoir like that near where I live..
  4. WOW what a great video.I'm sure anyone taking the time to look up carp fishing in NY will also tske the time to look up the CAG site. Good job.
  5. mrcarp2000

    Ny Cag Shirts

    Name:David St.Onge Size:XXL Quantity: 1 E-mail: mrcarp2000@hotmail.com
  6. Congrats to all the winners,in fact to all who fished the FFF. It takes alot of guts to fish this event and maybe being alittle mentally unstable.Thanks to Jerome- a man who always does things right...Also all the sponsers who help make this event a good one. Dave
  7. Hello Fellow NYers My name is David St.Onge and I'm from Niagara Falls.I've been fishing for more years than I can remember.Living in my area with Lake Ontario,Lake Erie,Upper and Lower Niagara River and many smaller lakes finding a place for fishing was not a problem.It's deciding what to fish for.As for carp fishing,it's something I did for year but not very often and very low key.Usually took my sons and now my grandkids to a small lake here in the Falls.Lots of small carp and pan fish and easy to catch.About 8 to 10 years ago my friend Lowell King (carpfly)really turned me on to carp fishing.He was moving around some due to jobs and he found some great spots for carpfishing.When I would visit him and starting catching larger carp I was hooked.He got me to join CAG and I starting going to some of the fish-ins in NY and PA.What a blast they are.I have met some really great carp people and some have become good friends.Carp fishing is about the only fishing I do now and I'm happy about it.
  8. Corey--congrats to you and your wife--she looks like a keeper to me
  9. Hey Lowell & Ray---Glad to see you guys made it out Nice fish Lowell and a mirror to boot!! WTG Dave
  10. Welcome to the site--you've come to the right place to get help. Dave
  11. Cool--Maybe you guys are on to something.Never heard of anyone casting for carp.Could see about someone designing casting lures for carp or instead of a bass boat have a carp boat. Just an idea
  12. WOW!!!!!! What a way to start a new year.I'm sure those pictures brought some tears to a few eyes.... Dave
  13. Hi Wizzy--Welcome to the group, Im' sure you'll be happy here.... Dave
  14. Welcome to the site Larry--hope you injoy it... Dave
  15. Your right on louis--Lowell and Ray are two of the nices guys I know and two of the best fly-guys for carp.Welcome to the fourm Jim. Dave
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