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  1. Hey guys! It's been a while since I last came on but looks like you guys are dong fine so far with the questions. In regards to the float connector, they come in three sizes: small, medium and large. For our purpose I would recommend buying the large. I personally prefer the float connectors that have a swivel at the end, this way you can have a sliding float rig if you decide to use an Asian float with regular spinning gear. You can easily find Asian float fishing gear and much more on Aliexpress: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/200pcs-Float-rest-Copper-head-Connector-fishing-Rolling-Swivel-wi
  2. Good luck Tangledline! I bike there every so often but it's really a inhospitable place to spend a full day in my opinion. Haven't actually heard of people fishing due to the sanctuary that is in place like others have pointed out. But I've heard from some people that there's numerous snag hazards due to the fact that many trees have died because of the huge population of cormorants.
  3. Thanks! I find this hard to believe as I didn't even get any nibbles/bait stolen by the gobies and 24h later they all magically appear. What can I say, we will probably never know what's on the mind of a carp
  4. Thanks everyone! It's the first of hopefully many trips this season, so there will probably be other reports on my outings. Did head down to Marie Curtis Park today to check it out as I was recommend by a fellow at Bronte Outdoors. But it doesn't look too promising. I'm thinking about heading out to Hamilton on Monday since there seems to be quite the action going on; will most likely bring the whips this time (maybe I'll bring the centrepin as I've gotten a bit more friendly with it haha).
  5. *photo heavy but a must for those who are into nature and cities but also for tackle tarts Left the house around 8:45am and got down to the islands at 10:15 (there was a bit of a wait at the ferry docks but it was really pleasant to just sit there in the warm weather with no crowds around). Since it's still non-peak season yet, the Hanlan's Point ferry is the best option if you don't mind a bit of walking. The Centre Island ferry has a frequency of every 50-75mins and serves Ward's Island as well. When I got to the islands I started to make my way around Hanlan's Point. By passed Trout pond a
  6. I'm in Thornhill. There's definitely a lot less big trees on the banks, either they were cut down due to diseases or were damaged by storms. I remeber that a lot of these big trees offered a lot of nooks for fish to hide into. But like you I caught nothing.
  7. Great report and amazing spring photos! You should've taken the float to begin the long journey of becoming a float addict
  8. Just wanted to give a heads up that I'll be heading out to the islands tomorrow if anyone wants to meet up. Will be trying out a centrepin with a float
  9. Hey guys, I'm hoping if some of you could help chime in on how I should start of the season. I'm going to have some spare time next week (maybe more) and with the forecast looking pretty good, I'm thinking about heading out to the islands to start off the fun. Has anyone been out there yet? The last time I was out on the islands I remember there wasn't quite a goby presence in comparison to other trips, but this was about 3 years ago. With that aside I'm also thinking about going to dead duck swim due to the lack of a car at the moment. Any opinions about this swim at this time of the year? I'
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