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  1. Great video, you could really see the take. Is that a Go-Pro? Pretty nice picture, I may need to get me one of those. Don't you just love it when they fall into your lap like that?
  2. A Muskrat hole, wow, that is one smart carp. Not much you can do at that point is there?
  3. McTage

    2012 Big 4 How-To Guide

    Alright, my fly-rod and I are in for giggles and to show support. In the poker world I am what you call dead money If I win gear in the raffle it should probably go to a carper in need or kids program though because I wouldnt have a clue what to do with it!
  4. Welcome to CAG! My advice...quit while you are ahead. Ignore me, I am feeling rather melo-dramitic since I am on a slump! Seriously though if you have caught the two on accident your water is probably a great place to start learning. You just don't catch them by accident in tough water very often, at least with flies. Welcome to the forum!
  5. The carp fly swap I posted about last month is pretty much complete. The last 4 return packages will go out monday. It went awesome. We had 22 participants from across the country including guys like John Montana, Gregg. Bill de Brooklyn and Eric Ridenour from this forum and many other experts from across the country like B.Reynolds, Roughfisher, Morlock and the list goes on. All in all it added up to a total of 311 flies! So, for anybody who ties thier own the summary page with almost a hundred pictures is a fun place to start for ideas for spring. For those who prefer to purchase there are even a couple of guys who sell thier flies on-line who participated. http://www.flycarpin...p-fly-swap.html
  6. Sweet John, I was trying to show that picture to Kim a while back and couldnt find it anywhere. She was duly impressed, more so than with my boring pictures of commons at any rate!
  7. Dangit Gregg, You ARE a fly-swap!!! Love the posts, so many flies so little time.
  8. Gregg - I have yet to catch one myself of either kind but I think I read that it is pretty easy to tell. KOI have barbells, goldfish do not. Easy peasy but correct? Now all I have to do is find some of my own to ID!!!!!!
  9. Yeah, I tried it once for giggles (I was using a 13 dollar 12' crappie pole from Bass Pro Shops) and hooked two fish. The first one destroyed the stupid crappy knot I had at the end of the pole almost immediately. The second one in the video below almost dragged me across the river before the hook pulled out. Amazing how critical the reel is with even a modertely sized but pretty hot fish. I figure this one was about 12 to 14 pounds. http://youtu.be/cINBRicypUc I am going to goof around with it a little more in the spring when I can get to some Juveniles in local ponds, the two-handed effect with the long crappie pole was pretty fun casting.
  10. REGISTRATION IS CLOSED AT 21 participants!
  11. Sweet Bill! I think we will probably cut it off at an even 10 per person to keep the load light. If, somehow we get more than 10 people in the swap (I really think we can) I will do some random sorting. If people want to provide two sets of 10 (of two different fly patterns) then, well, they will get 20 flies back!
  12. We tried last year and didnt get much interest. I am going to try and make it happen through my blog this year, see if we can't get enough people interested to make it worth our while. I will handle the grunt-work (aka recieving, sorting, mailing back and compiling materials lists / directions). Fly-Carpin Fly Swap
  13. I am in with my friend Mike Medina. The Fly Fishing category is going down this year! I just hope we get halfway decent weather because I told him we are giving a shot no matter what. Which will make me look really when it turns out to be 10 below and I wuss out.
  14. Thanks allot Mr P, that is a whole boat-load of things to think about. This has been the funnest CAG fly discussion in a while.
  15. Paul, Pretty sure that boga grips (and the various knock-offs) actually originated with the saltwater crowd and that many users are using them because, well, it is hip to do what the saltwater guys do. That's basicly why I had one a long time ago. The appeal is at least partially that they provide a fairly portable tool to aid in controlling and landing a fish with the bonus that most have an integral scale that can even be IFGA certified. I think that the appeal is over-rated because they are actually heavy as hell and they really do seem to me to be hard on fish. That being said, if I ever get to fish for Tiger fish or something equally scary I would wish I had mine back!
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