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  1. Hi JD can you send me the actual number of CAG members at the moment. The names would be great But I do need the total number of members. It seems a lot of members aren't receiving the newsletter. The whole purpose was to keep those members who do not go on the forum or website but are still members Just what's happening with CAG. Hope all's well with you Thx Ed

    1. (TN) Cannonball

      (TN) Cannonball

      Same for me.  Is there any way I can have access to the list to forward to the printer?  We need the list to the printer two weeks before mailing; mailing is about a week before the first of the following month.  If members don't go the the forum, they will obviously not be aware of the newsletter and can't tell us they aren't receiving the NL.  Plus, it would be hard to know if the member info is correct if they don't check it.  Would Facebook an option for spreading the word?

      Any and all ideas are welcome.

    2. (TN) Cannonball

      (TN) Cannonball

      Willem has done an excellent job in getting the list to the printer in time for the printing and mailing.  My idea was to have a backup if needed somewhere along the line.

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