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  1. Cool clip. Good ole American carpin'...... I joined CARPS for a short time to fish one of their derbies as part of a CAG weekend in OH back in the early days of the CAG. https://youtu.be/ZDMuR8XG5_s
  2. W. PA carp king.......Congrats again.
  3. Really don't know much about preparing carp to eat except this: Nail the carp to a board of your choice, hold both over fire & cook 'til done, remove carp and eat board.....if I had a dollar for every time I told that jok.........um recipe............... I've posted these on here in the past before , but since the subject came up: I came across one of these episodes years ago while TV channel surfing. Now they're on youtube for your viewing pleasure. A carp contest of sorts................ They waste no part of the carp.....................
  4. LOL. So I see you're still carpin' n@..........3 years later......................
  5. We had some CAG events in the past at Shawnee and we usually did pretty well, as ya can see in the old thread I tried to copy and paste below, since it was in the members only section. I ain't fished Shawnee in years, so don't know what the carp scene is like there now, but you should be able to catch if ya put in the time and effort. Another place ya might wanna check out is Twin Lakes in Greensburg/Latrobe-----some of us local carpers have done well there in the past. Lake Somerset may be another option if it is still even fishable. Here is a PA forum that should also be of assis
  6. Your name: Steve Lojek Your CAG forum name: pacarper Your state or province of residence: PA The state or province of your FFF 2016 fishing venue, if it differs from your residence: W. PA Junior (17 or under as of 1/1/16)?: no
  7. Yep it aired, I caught a re-run of it a few months back. At the end of the segment there was a note about Richard's passing. It looks like the segment was at the end of episode 6 of the 2014 season last year, but they don't show the entire show on the In-fisherman website, just one segment of the episode and they don't have the buffalo segment there. But ya can see a short clip from the segment (as well as a carp clip) here in this segment from a later episode around the 4 min. mark: http://bcove.me/ns2x10op
  8. All ya gotta do is use the forum search tool.............................. Check out this old thread for Nightwing's (Paul W.) carp weight formula, of which many think it's pretty accurate for a formula: http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php?/topic/16252-calculating-carp-weights/page-2?hl=%20carp%20%20weight%20%20formula
  9. Aahh, ya mean the Chumzooka, Bob. There's a blast form the past, literally(and yes, works well as an AWW(Anti-Watercraft Weapon)too) . We had some fun with it back during our early carpin' outings back when Paul B. was OH Chair. I think the one in the pic below got sold to Shears on our trip down to NC-------what da hell does a paylaker need a chumzooka for? Decked out with a scope, laser pointer, can holder, spray valve, and air-cooled barrel.
  10. Yea well, there's plenty of businesses that utilize natural resources to make a living-----nothing wrong with that, it's business, just the way it is. There probably isn't a bigger group out there in the states that have been practicing the sport of rippin' carp longer (many decades now) than the paylake carpers (north or south). Wish away, but I highly doubt the carp paylakes are gonna be shutdown anytime soon.
  11. Hey Bob, Sounds like a plan-------it's been awhile. I was workin' over in OH last year in Aurora and thought about checking to see if any of the OH events were close by there, but never got around to it. I see you got conned into being state chair again. Some of the local carpers here in W. PA have been trying to con me into being chair again on this side of the state, but so far I haven't relented.
  12. Yea the toasted stuff is more dry and has a bit more crunch I guess than the raw stuff and has a nutty smell/flavor to it. These properties are probably why the PA paylakers chose to use the toasted version in their baits, plus it being less likely to lock up than raw germ. This was one of the original PA pack/flake baits and because of the increasing price of germ, other less pricy alternative ingredients became more prominent in baits over the years, leading to different packs being more popular now. I don't know if these newer baits are as nutritious as the wheat germ baits tho, but then
  13. Actually I've seen a recipe from Herk that used both milk and molasses combined to make black bait, so.........................
  14. I haven't seen it mentioned here yet, but wheat germ (wg) is usually available in two forms, raw or toasted (like this:http://www.kretschmer.com/about-wheatgerm ). Most bait recipes you come across, usually don't specify which type to use, but from my experience, the toasted wheat germ (more expensive than raw) is what should be used to make this black pack. The raw wg binds much more and if used, ya likely won't end up with a bait that breaks/flakes very well at all.
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