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  1. Must say you have me intrigued, can't wait to see pics!
  2. I've been getting them also on my phone through the mobile viewer. It's all link to threads I get the same. Home page loads up.
  3. lol thanks Chris! and here he told me he came up with the name.... lol
  4. Thanks! Also the website is www.cnycarpcandy.com
  5. Hi, I would just like to inform everyone that the site is up and the store is open! If you have any questions don't be afraid to email or pm me! Also this company is not owned or affilited with frank, I bought the business from him and have made changes to the recipes and business practices, so please if you had any bad experiances with him don't put them onto me. thank you for your support! Matt Broekhuizen
  6. WOW like WOW! I want that! Why isn't that available for sale like the patches I'd want 2 for my blazer one on each side!
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