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  1. Awesome fish dude! Im looking forward to seeing some koi pics soon!
  2. Due to family obligations, myself (Andrew) and John Chione will not be able to fish on saturday. Good luck to everyone! ?
  3. Sweet neurosis hoodie \m/
  4. Welcome! Ill look forward to reading your future posts and catch reports!
  5. Looking forward to fishing with you guys! Please add my brother John Chione too
  6. Beautiful fish, sir! Big carp are fun on float gear
  7. Nice fish! The gar looks awesome
  8. Beautiful fish man! I love the fantails
  9. Try prebaiting your swim with canned corn or boiled fieldcorn for a few days before you fish
  10. I will catch long dark male carp around the spawn that have hundreds of tiny little gritty bumps on their heads. Ive read in a UK carping mag that they are connecting to spawning
  11. Haha she actually didnt mind holding it. And some of my guy friends refuse to hold fish lol!
  12. Ive fished the rock river in dixon. There are a lot of fantail carp there! This was different though. I hope there are more in the pond!
  13. I had the day off work today so i went fishing with my girlfriend. I decided to go to a pond that had a large population of smaller fish so we would have some fast action. The fish cooperated and we landed 3 small but fat carp in quick succession. I helped my girlfriend with her first fish since she is new to carp fishing but her second fish i just gave her the fishing rod. It was a small fish but fought frantically. When it was in the net i thought it was a little catfish since all i could see was its black back. Once it was on the mat i realized that it was a very small but round carp and when i picked it up, i was surprised when i saw its fins! It looks like a carp/goldfish hybrid since its so small. However it could possibly be a koi hybrid. Anyways, it was a beautiful fish and was released quickly after a few pictures.
  14. Thays great man! Youre lucky to live where you can catch carp right off your deck! You should keep your spot baited up with fieldcorn so all the fish regularly go there for food.
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