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  1. John welcome to CAG

  2. Welcome to the CAG forums

  3. Going to try out another spot tomorrow. all the local ponds have only small fish that I have seen and the snake river is loaded with big fish but the flows are huge and BIG leads are needed to hold bottom even in the slack water. Gonna see what I can do tomorrow

  4. Its time to make carping in Idaho catch on...... I am going to ask if I can put some flyers on the fishing counter at our local cabelas store.....

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    2. Idaho Carpin

      Idaho Carpin

      Im all by my lonesome so I have my work cut out for me lol

    3. Stephen Clark

      Stephen Clark

      got to be someone out there lol

    4. Gregg Martin

      Gregg Martin

      Idaho Carpin,

      Gregg is a member from Boise, sent you a message, have no idea if you recieved it as I am new to CAG and their procrss. Been at it here since 2004 when I became disallusioned with the trout crowd on local tailwaters, and also simply began to learn of and target carp. I'm here.


  5. Scottie looks like I am the winning bidder on 2 shirts I will send the money paypal a little later tonight. I totaly forgot about them shoulda shot me a pm oh well I will send you a pm with address after I make payment thanks...
  6. Just got mine today and just started reading but so far GREAT job BILL ....Im not fond of the lack of color BUT I know you aren't to blame I just hope we can fix that issue lol not the same trying to look at the golden beuties with no color
  7. Welcome to the CAG forums

  8. Lets get things started with $50. This could come in handy for sure....
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