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  1. Hello All, Have just received the 1st shipment of the "Town Lake" DVDs and sent a bunch over to the e-store... So should be available for sale any moment now... Thanks Jon!! Also sent some over to Paul at Wacker Baits for those of you in that neck of the woods. Thanks to Paul also for carrying them! There is lots of cool action with many, very nice Town Lake captures to mid 40's and much info about the Lake itself, where to fish etc... Its a cool show!! Please see ACS web-site for more details. Hope you all enjoy. Cheers, Wayne
  2. Dear all, Well, we all drew straws for who would post here about the Grand opening of the ACS e-store and I got the short one... :D To the few rock throwers out there... be nice to me, pretend that I'm only the messenger... Seriously though, we wanted to let you know that the ACS e-store is now up and ready for business... You'll find the link for the e-store on the main ACS web site... Would like to say a BIG thank you to all you serious Carpers out there for the many words of wisdom, encouragement and positive constructive comments along the way, they really helped!!! Also for being so patient during the long foundation building process we've endured... We would also like to single out the pioneering suppliers of Carp gear in the US for all their help and supportive actions/words: Paul at Wackerbaits, Rob, Danny and Pete (Daddy) Henwood at Specialist, Bill & Wayne at BoilieShopUSA, Alex at Royal and all that came b4 them... Lets hope the future brings many more tackle outlets for us all to choose from as this will surely indicate that our wonderful sport is growing in a positive way!!! Sincerely, Dave, Sean & Wayne ACS
  3. Wow! thanks Fellas, We really did put a lot of effort into finding, testing and securing these hooks, of course nothing is ever going to be to everybody's taste but here you definitely have a couple of patterns (K-9 and K-9 Long shank) that do what they're supposed to do. We've called these hooks the K-9 range, if your rig temps a Carp into making a mistake with one of these tied onto the business end, they lock down and rarely let go... Apologies for the sales pitch here but we're extremely happy with our K-9's... Cheers, Wayne
  4. Hi Scott and all, ACS has skimmmed off only the very best of the X2 gear and will be distributing it here in the US along with many other manufacturers' Carp tackle. Again thanks for your patience, we're working balls out... Cheers, Dave, Sean & Wayne
  5. Congratulations to you both and much continued success with the boilie shop!!! Looking forward to meeting and fishing with you both next week up on Rice lake. Cheers, Wayne (Boon)
  6. Paul, its called Carpitalism mate!! Cheers, Wayne
  7. Paul has always gone beyond what may reasonably be expected in the line of great service when ever I've purchased items from Wacker Baits. I would never hesitate to recomend Paul and staff to anyone interested in purchasing good Carp kit along with an aftersales service that is second to none!! Thanks Paul!!! Cheers, Wayne
  8. Hi Mike, Dave was there, here's Dave with a bit of his kit!! It took Sean & myself hours to pack all that stuff in... Our backs are still knackered We're his pack mules, probably the only reason he puts up with all our moaning, groaning and general ear ache we give him Cheers, Wayne
  9. Hi Guys, we're getting as close as Phil is to his 40!!! This year for sure.... We have three on the stove at the same time, all boiling!! Be patient, we are making absolutely sure its going to be worth the wait... Cheers, Wayne Sean Dave
  10. Hi Ed, Sorry for not replying sooner but we have been filming etc and only just returned from a fairly long trek accross the country In regards to the family memberships we will look into it and I'll PM you and let you know the details Hope that you and Mary are doing well ......and keep cranking that AC/DC I'm over at Waynes at the moment working so this will be posted from his computer ! All the Best Sean
  11. Guys, for all you real Tackle Tarts out there, that Rod (Dean's Rod) is a Custom ACS series I - 12ft, 3.25Ib Tc Harrison Blank, Fuji SIC's, Century stainless reel seat, Carbon butt grip and stainless butt cap lovingly assembled/built by Nick Buss in the U.K. Stainless Reel Seat will set you back a cool £45 as part of an Extreme ACS Custom Rod Order. or... at an exchange rate of £1 = $1.80 it'd be $81 Once the Custom rod order is finalized, ACS members get their 10% discount. Sure does look sweet don't it!!! Cheers, Wayne ps We'll have all options on full view on the web site very soon along with the excellent "Made In America" Carp Rods and a full range of tackle... Have got a load of additional "stuff" in the pipe line, stay tuned, all very exciting...
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