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  1. My poppop always wanted to try these"hair rigs" and he talked about going...well his health decline and he passed away last summer, and i hope one day, when i bank a 30lber he would be proud because he got carp in my blood.
  2. Well one day my poppop took me out carp fishing and i was seeing monster carp,( 6-7lbers) and i thought wow i wanna catch one. So i would throw out my bait and my hook with some corn on it and they would swim right by. After many attempts i decided screw these fish i will bowfish. I bought a bow and a kit and could never get one. Then one day me and my brother shot a few small ones, but like i was taught what you kill you eat. We fryed them up, but i plan to never ever have carp again. Then i met my now best friend nate.( Captain Carpy). He showed me the euro way, and i truly saw how smart these fish were and how they are the best freshwater fish. I sold my bow and bought all the tackle. I started carping last year and got really into it this year. We have banked over 220 plus carp this year(stopped counting) and everyone of them made me happy. I would love to break my pb of 21lbs, but i love just hearing my alarms scream and seeing the gold on the mat! Carp are know my favorite fish and i teach everyone i can about how smart they are and why there the best. I really look down to bowfisherman and how what they do is unethical. I love carp, I think they should be a sportfish and they open bowfishing for just bass! Im happy i found cag and i will be joining soon because they love carp, and they people on hear are cool!
  3. I would like to see something about juniors it would be neat! I will join so so i can get access to the rest of the forum, as my buddy tells me its filled with good info! He was telling me about your boilie approach mario! I have no idea what the guy with bow fishing is talking about.....kick him off haha!
  4. I will be able to afford it, i will join soon. So 30 bucks correct? I dont need someone paying for my portion as i feel like i would be taking someone elses money so i will pay all the 30 bucks!.
  5. What is the price for juniors (16 years)?
  6. ok thank you, i want to make a ton of boilies as these fish may be big and might need to get them comfortable.
  7. well i was deciding next spring me and my buddy are going to do a big baiting campain in a decent size lake but it is very deep. we were thinking of making 40lbs of boilies and baiting them and trying to bank bigger fish. we are probably gonna start out with 40lbs dry base mix and go from there. other then flavor, what else could we add to make the fish stay in the baited area. i am looking for a very nutritious boilies that will have the carp wanting more. so any extra ingredients will be appreciated. i have heard of betain and others added but i want to here from other carpers. thanks
  8. Awesome! i love fox products my self, and i was wondering do you guys no what the warrenty are on there rods? Thanks for the info!
  9. http://www.johnsonrosstackle.co.uk/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=190_2_51&products_id=4203 has anyone ever casted/fished a fox horizon rod? i am looking for a higher end rod, and i would like it to be a fox as it is my favorite company. i also have the chub and possibly a saxon but would really like a fox. So any oppinions?
  10. awesome! goldfish and koi are one of the best parts of carp fishin!!!!
  11. thasnks josh, and yeah will be working the structure soon. This week trout opens up, and we will be fishing them, then hittin the carp hard. Gonna try to catch 100 each this year....
  12. thanks....were goin for a 30lber....we are gonna be fishing a lake that has had hogs pulled out of. We have yet to break the 20lb mark with a carp. We got a 20lb koi and a 16 but no 20 lb carp.
  13. heres one double, and yes 31 fish so far in 3 sessions....its gonna be a good year!!!
  14. yeah it was awesome......nothing better when you go to sit down and a rod blows up...then a second rod does....
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