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  1. When you see someone bow fishing for carp and you let all the air out of there tyres.
  2. I think that's one of the funniest videos I have ever seen
  3. guss

    Fishing and drinking

    I like having a picnic while I'm Carp fishing that sometimes involves nice French red & white wine with nice cheese, cold cuts of meat etc. Thats how I tempt the wife to come and join me on a sunny day. If the game warden comes up offer him a glass as well !
  4. Going back to the U.K on the 7th for a week but interested in attending
  5. Very nice fish......lot better than I have achieved this year so far
  6. How did the suspended crayfish work, interested to know. Great photos....
  7. guss


    I sometimes use a fly rod which is basically free-lining in a sence.
  8. Basically you need at big pit reel with large spool, spool it with 20 lbs braid and a 60 lbs shock leader, a 3 3/4 Ibs test curve rod with lots of back bone will punch it out there with a 3 oz lead....it will go like a rocket. Alternatively buy a bait boat.....as carper questioned , why do you want to cast 100 yards and how will you then get the free bait offerings out that far ?
  9. Very cool.....what type of fly did you take it in ?
  10. Very nice looking fish...well deserved
  11. I fished today in NY and saw lots of fish but none were feeding...blanked except for a sucker fish
  12. I have caught mirror's like this in the U.K
  13. time to find another place to fish.......
  14. Mono is more abrasion resistant than braid for sure.
  15. very nice result and well worth the pre-baiting effort for 6 days, can I ask if you was fishing a large body of water like a reservoir or a medium - small lake.
  16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-SqIsZaE6s&feature=player_embedded Here is a you tube video that demonstrates mono - braid....
  17. Today my card company called, unusual activity on my account with someone buying a flight to Turkey
  18. Well its been over two months ago since I started this thread and fished quite a lot of sessions. The conclusion is that mono is superior to braid when fishing rocky or around fresh water mussels. My catch to land ratio has improved by 60% , one has to take into account that your not going to bank every fish. I woiuld like to thank all of you for the imput on this subject. My advice is to re-spool your reels with the mono if anyones in any doubts.
  19. that was great ! , thanks for sharing
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