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  1. When you see someone bow fishing for carp and you let all the air out of there tyres.
  2. I think that's one of the funniest videos I have ever seen
  3. guss

    Fishing and drinking

    I like having a picnic while I'm Carp fishing that sometimes involves nice French red & white wine with nice cheese, cold cuts of meat etc. Thats how I tempt the wife to come and join me on a sunny day. If the game warden comes up offer him a glass as well !
  4. Going back to the U.K on the 7th for a week but interested in attending
  5. Very nice fish......lot better than I have achieved this year so far
  6. How did the suspended crayfish work, interested to know. Great photos....
  7. guss


    I sometimes use a fly rod which is basically free-lining in a sence.
  8. Basically you need at big pit reel with large spool, spool it with 20 lbs braid and a 60 lbs shock leader, a 3 3/4 Ibs test curve rod with lots of back bone will punch it out there with a 3 oz lead....it will go like a rocket. Alternatively buy a bait boat.....as carper questioned , why do you want to cast 100 yards and how will you then get the free bait offerings out that far ?
  9. Very cool.....what type of fly did you take it in ?
  10. Very nice looking fish...well deserved
  11. I fished today in NY and saw lots of fish but none were feeding...blanked except for a sucker fish
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