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  1. Hi, My son and I are looking for some good Spring Carping spots. We have some family in Buffalo but have never fished there. I'm just wondering if someone can give me some ideas where we may set up for a day session in the Buffalo area. I've checked out the shore fishing locations on the DEC website and many look promising but I'd rather get some first hand info if anyone can help. Thanks much!
  2. Beautiful pictures! I live in waddington and have seen some beautiful skies over the river. You capture them very well! Thanks!
  3. Is the full slide show that Jerome did at the Awards somewhere on the Forums?
  4. Hello, I'm Frank Bateman. I live in Waddington, NY up on the Canadian border. I'm lucky enough to live a block away from one of the best carping swims in the area. I began carp fishing about 6 years ago when my son did the St. Lawrence Junior Carp Tournament for the first time. After that we were both hooked on carping. Been fairly obsessed with it ever since. Good fishing to you all New York Carpers!
  5. Yes its a great edition. Its good to learn about other fisheries. I'd like to fish some of them some time. Those catches in CT look pretty sizeable. Thanks for putting the pics in too! They turned out nice.
  6. I like this one with the rods better.
  7. Francis and myself with a couple in Waddington.
  8. I am sending one today. FYI there's a story on Northcountrynow.com regarding the recent bowfishing event. It is complete with pictures. It makes it sound like a very popular and well accepted sport. People obviously don't realize that that 39lb carp will never be caught again. Maybe we should be sending press releases of our tournament's to the local media when they happen as well. The Seaway six pack Throwdown was a higher payout tournament with entrants from local, national and international teams. Would be good press for catch and release tournaments.
  9. Sounds pretty good. Have to see about the week off and away. Are there still a lot of slots remaining?
  10. Bob always does a great job. Let me know if I can help out with anything Bob. Looking forward to it.
  11. Thats unfortunate about the CanAm. Im still willing to fish that weekend as Bob suggested. Bob let me know if you need a hand baiting, etc I'll be available most of that week.
  12. FrankB

    2013 Canam

    Hey Bob I left a message on the other thread but count Frank Bateman in for the CanAM. My favorite date would be the last weekend of July 26-28. Thanks, Frank
  13. Hey I'll be joining Team USA. Add Frank Bateman to the list Thanks Bob
  14. So is corn thats turned and smells foul a carp bait or a carp deterent? I fished a spot the other day thats recently produced some good fish but got skunked. The only thing I could come up with is that the corn I used was really stinky and may have deterred the fish rather than attracted them.
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