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  1. Morning. I tried renewing my membership but it was not an option like in your example. It would also not let me buy a new membership.


    thanks for your help. Also you pm box is full

  2. Hey your PM box is full. Is the rod the full cork handle 2.75TC stalker?

  3. Yeah I had minor issues on previous orders that Simon fixed quickly, covered shipping, and paid the upgrading equipment costs.
  4. I have the 4,7,18,26th weekdays off during April and only the 30th weekend. Chatathecat I wanted to meet up before the Kewaunee carp tournament to talk strategy.
  5. That pretty close to where a 50+ was bowed. Any chance for a spring fishin?
  6. Next official fishin. Now I only have time for short sessions and litchfield is a couple hours away at least which would leave me with little to no time to fish. (Vs the lake 15mins from my house)
  7. Ctdaniels. Sorry we couldn't get together and fish last year. If your interested I have a few random mid week days off in April. There is a lake by my place with some promising fish.
  8. Posted some info on the Maumee for you. Also noticed your into fountain pens which I though was a combo of interests exclusive to me.


    I have a couple 51s, vintage vanishing point, and a few other vintage nibs in indian ebonite bodies.


    good luck

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