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  1. Hi can somebody good place to fish for carp 

  2. So let me weigh in with simple simple simple. so happens this is probably my best all around grass carp fly...its good on the commons, the catfish, and bluegill... I fish it often. its particularly good under a mulberry tree....my favorite way to fish a mulberry drop is subsurface. the fish can't sit under the fly and inspect it, and you can make multiple multiple casts to the same fish without spooking it... good stuff. and did i mention simple? turkey feather for the tail...sizes 6,8, and sometimes 4 with xl beadchain on the 6 and 4 sizes. deadly here in missouri. HD grass carp hook up http://youtu.be/VxmNnWZc254 Big common played and landed. http://youtu.be/DnDkJlZ7sdo
  3. I don't do alot of travel but I'd sure like to spend some time on some of Missouri's bigger lakes. Visibility is always an issue for fly fishermen like myself, but I'm sure there are opportunities for all anglers at some of the larger lakes. I remember going to table rock lake and there were some huge ones around the docks that got fed by people....and I've also heard of spearfishing tournaments being held in ?lake of the ozarks for carp as well. Said the guy who won was in 2-3 ft of flooded land. I'd put my money on freshly submerged grass land and mud flats/shallows in the spring, not sure how often that occurs at these lakes. I'd need to live there to really know.
  4. The 3366's should do just fine. I personally like saltwater hooks, because they don't corrode. Stainless varieties like the Dai-Riki #930 will bend out of snags(which is nice) and fish (not so nice) if you use heavy enough tippet and need to pull that hard. I like the Gamagatsu sl45s #1 because even the size 8's won't bend out under 15+ lbs of force and they are super sharp...and they are a cool black color too. When I get tired of losing the biggest fish, I throw on a Sl45.
  5. I finally found you guys over here, very nice resouce for Carp fishing! Gregg, Nice flies. I like how you manage leggs, thats a new one. I do some with 6 legs...what helps me is pulling the first set forward to the eyes and wraping with two lose wraps of thread, then I pull forward the next set and wrap twice, then the next set. I use a dubbing loop so i dont need my thread at the back of the fly. I start the dubbing loop forward and release the sets one at a time as I want them. Its almost always trouble to get them the way you want. Simple Crayfish are a Staple fly...for both common and Grass Carp More Simple Crayfish The "Black Ops" is another staple for both grass and commons. This takes every species on my creek. I had one day with 8 species on this fly...gar, catfish, grass carp, common carp, hybrids, sunfish, and a suager, and...something else a largemouth or a drum. My go to fly when the mulberrys are dropping(floaters are not as productive)....takes grass, common, and catfish. one random I've more or less got a catalog of flies for those interested in viewing more.
  6. Missouri.... Here's some more action near the STL ...
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