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  1. fellows lake springfield was a location, also a nice place near stockton we had fish-ins, safe and easy to get to... couple of others, that butler location has room, night best this time of year
  2. they have a couple near KC Kirk should be able to hook you up
  3. welcome!..be sure and join the CAG fb
  4. I have been doing research for a while on the impacts on all of the "invasive" species and in a nutshell this is what seems to happen, 1st a population explodes then after seeks equilibrium...gobies have made the smallmouth bass population boom, also I have talked to carp anglers in the great lakes including carp flyfishing guides at beaver island and commons eat gobies, do gobies eat fish egg? sure just like bluegills do...many times the sky is falling on what ever invasive of the month is..its a SCREAM for $$$$..anyone who's old enough remembers just how nasty the water was in the great lake
  5. I know how much work people have done that make an organization like CAG run, many times the bulk of what is heard is complaints, yet I would like to take this post to thank everyone who has stepped up all these years, carp angling is at that tipping point.... so many things are on the edge of our sport exploding across the USA. You can see it , feel it, even taste it...so much is being done behind the scenes...so much great news is so close it hard not to get excited....this is your time to step up and volunteer in some small way, it could be making polite posts about carping on a loca
  6. Sad a person that so much started putting Carp on the USA map...life is short
  7. I did an survey a while back and about 12% of fly anglers chase "golden bones" and its growing....considering how wide spread carp are vs trout its no surprise
  8. wow... crazy mofos!...LOVE IT!!!!!!.......this has to be the coldest FFF ever
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