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  1. My wife and I are considering moving to Summerville, South Carolina, which is about 15 miles northeast of Charleston. Are there any good carp fishing waters in that area? I see Lake Marion and Lake Moultrie nearby on the map. Any carp in those lakes? Any active carp fishermen in the area? Whatever info you can give us would be much appreciated. Hawgmaster, I sent you a private message.
  2. Can somebody please provide a link to the 2018 ATC live leader board for me? Thanks!
  3. My wife and I live in Washington state and feel compelled to bail out for warmer weather each January. For the last two years, including this one, we've come to the Austin, TX area to enjoy the weather and fish Lady Bird Lake. Next year we're hoping to find another warm weather carp venue to spend January-February-March. Specifically, we're looking for nice weather venues with good numbers of carp and a decent chance at 20 pound commons. RV parks must be relatively close to the fishing (within 15-20 minutes drive of the venue). Austin certainly fits all of our criteria and the Austin Carp Anglers have been wonderful in assisting us. We're not limited to Texas - any state which has the warm winter weather and the carp would work. The more options you can give us the better. Thanks in advance for your suggestions and advice. Don Geidel
  4. My wife and I didn't participate in the ATC but we walked around and met most of the teams. Without exception, every carper we met was friendly and open about techniques, baits, rigs, etc. Several folks even insisted on giving us some little bit of gear, bait or gizmo. The Austin Carp Anglers are a classy group, too. They have made our stay in Austin exceptionally nice. If we can swing it we'll be participating next year, or the year after. We've got a few days left before we leave, and we're still fishing. Banked a 33-13 and a 23-8 today. Clifton from Dallas RAN about a half mile to help us out when he saw Doreen and I on a double hook up! Carpers are really special people. Don & Doreen Geidel
  5. Don Geidel

    ATC Pegs?

    I don't know if the Pennisula and Mid-Pennisula Swims will be pegged, but I was there yesterday (Feb 4th) and the whole parking area was shut down for major work. It looked like it would be unavailable for quite a while. Might be worth a phone call...
  6. Thanks to those who responded so far. I'll look into Emma Long Park for RVing and will definitely want to fish there.
  7. Hello all, My wife and I are planning a snowbird trip from our home in western Washington state (no carping venues here) to Texas in mid to late January, to stay for a month. We're tentatively planning on RVing at Jim Hogg Recreation Area on Georgetown Lake, mainly due to the inexpensive cost. That puts us about 30 miles from Austin, if the maps are correct. Everything in Austin that we found is way too pricey. I'm looking for advice on carping at Georgetown Lake and also in Austin in Jan-Feb. I'm aware of LBL but it looks huge, so I'd be interested in specific guidance if someone was willing to point me to the proper bank areas. Also looking for advice on other lakes in the Austin area, particularly those holding buffalo, as my buffalo PB is only an 8 pounder. I might be needing some tackle and bait. Are there any tackle shops that carry carp gear and baits, specifically boilies? Lastly, if anyone has info an inexpensive campgrounds on carp lakes I'd be interested in hearing about them. Right now, it seems like Georgetown Lake is the best I can find. Thanks in advance. Don Geidel
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