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  1. Glad to hear you finally got it I have heard you talking about it forever...Now i cant wait to use...I wish i would have had it last week..I was using some webbing and it just wasnt working to good for me....stuff was to thin and was just falling apart on me...But cant wait to use i know its good PVA
  2. Thats good...I really hope you get your chit back and sorry if i got them them mad
  3. LOL.... the day the "Brain F###ING" Capin" was born :D Brain that was poatry sucks these guys did this..... SEAN GIT THE KNIFE......... what the 2-way thing...that was funny as hell just wish i could have heard it like you guys did...just wait until the WCC
  4. shipping to Akron Ohio took me 5 days when the ACS shipped my stuff out....so i would think the same for you...2nd day would cost you a pretty penny...ACS gets the stuff shipped out very fast ...Good people
  5. Yes...there will be any RoyalCarp flavor you want
  6. BBQ'S a good flavor to use ......i caught several high twenty's last year on them....
  7. the boilies are yellow....its just the picture....and these are the only baits i buy that royalcarp dont carry...and Alex dont have any pineapple that i know of...plus i have tried 10 flavors on this one lake any nothing....then i fished with pineapple and it was crazzzy beeps all day long...i dont care who makes them its just getting them when i need them....i use micro boilies on 8 lakes around me and thats really all i use in the summer time but since spring is almost here i need to get ready for my lakes...some lakes i only put one kinda bait in and the lake i am really working on likes pineapple...also do you know how many kilos of boilies i have at my house...i could show 20 bags this size....i use many types of baits...i still to this day havent found a boilie that works on every single lake you try it on....you must be prepared for anything...and thats how i am..prepared...
  8. no i just like pineapple boilies...i have one lake that i cant catch anything off of anything but pineapple....and i have seen many high 30's and maybe a low forty..so this is what i call pre-baiting with boilies...
  9. i got my boilies on Wednesday....thank you PAUL...when the ice gets of the lakes maybe i can do some fishing....
  10. better hurry up and get them...i just ordered 30 kilos of pineapple...
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