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    I enjoy learning and teaching others about fishing. My favorite species to fish for is Carp and Buffalo because, as you well know, they are fantastic fighters.

    I also enjoy blogging which allows me an outlet to speak about fishing with a global audience.

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  1. It was the craziest thing. I've caught sunglasses, a soda can and once I caught a load of fish guts, but a break-dancing duck is by far my funniest catch.
  2. Duck, Duck, Buffalo? Because there's a first time for everything It was the day after ATC2013 and I woke up extra early to take advantage of some post-tournament baited holes, specifically the warm water discharge swim. This swim had produced some real chunks during the tournament and I knew this cold Sunday morning was going to produce something special for me too. When I arrived the sun was coming up and I could see a layer of steam coming off the water. I could practically sense the large bodied carp and buffalo soaking up the warmth of the water as it flowed from the discharge. A couple buddies of mine were already on the bank and reported having some runs. We were calling out rolls and crashes as they occurred and I have to admit my heart was in my throat with anticipation because these were some really large fish moving the water out in front of us. My ATC partner landed a 28-pounder (pictured below, Cliff Atkins, 2fish4everything on forum) to start things off and my inner angler was screaming, "YES!" If this was any indication of how the rest of the day was going to go then I was in for a real treat and quite possibly a new PB. My first fish came a few hours after sunrise. A solid 13-pounder. It was a good start but not the behemoth I was looking for. I put on some more pack bait and cast out for another try. It was about an hour later when things got strange. My right alarm reported an odd intermittent run. An inconsistent...beep beep beep......beep....beep beep....beep beep beep. It was enough action to make me strike but I was fully expecting a channel cat had taken my bait. Cats are notorious for their head shaking, broken runs. After loading the rod, I could tell this wasn't a catfish. It was something much different. It didn't lunge or run, but rather it vibrated and wiggled violently. Whatever it was I could feel it tumbling and pulling, then tumbling some more. I started to think I had hooked an odd piece of debris that was turning over or spiraling on the retrieve. My curiosity was peaked. About three feet off the bank I could see a shape beneath the water. It was alien and looked like no fish I had ever seen. I squinted my eyes trying to cut the water's distortion to get a good ID on this catch and that's when it broke through the lake surface. A tangle of...feathers?.... and squalling duck popped up and began what I can only describe as break-dancing on top of the water. It was spinning and rolling, pausing long enough for a Quack! before repeating the performance again. I looked to my buddies with a wide open mouth, and simultaneously we all break out in a good laugh. We got the duck netted and on the mat. My #6 Gardner Mugga was dead center in the bottom of his bill. It looks like my rig works flawlessly on ducks too. This coot was 2 pounds of seriously upset water foul. It snapped and bit relentlessly as I unraveled a length of line that had wrapped around its wing in all the tumbling and fury. I got a good hold on him and posed for my picture. There was no way I was going to miss this CPR moment. PB Water Fowl, 2lbs 0oz. Observing the charter of CAG, I practiced good "duck" care and released him back to the lake. He flew off like the Duck Dynasty boys were waiting in the weed line for a shot. I've never seen a duck flap away so fast. I bet he thinks twice the next time he tries eating maize off the bottom in 16 feet of water. Now I have to say I was quite a bit deflated by the whole experience. I had come for a new PB, and I didn't mean a crazy flapping duck! Doing the only thing I could do, I laughed it off, re-baited my line and setup for another...fish. That fish came about 2 hours later. My left alarm this time peeled off in squealing WREEEEEEE! I was up and on the rod in a flash. Loading the rod up I could feel the weight of the fish. You know that heft, when you pull and the fish doesn't turn. My mind drew into keen focus on the task at hand. A small adjustment on the drag and I pumped the rod, reeled in the slack and worked the fish toward the bank. This time when I saw the fish beneath the water it was crystal clear in all its white glory. It was a pristine buffalo well over 20 pounds. It was my new PB Smallmouth Buffalo of 28lbs even. After a few moments of appreciating this buffalo, I walked it to the water's edge and watched him slip slowly away back into the depths. It was a great angling moment capped off my one crazy duck.
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