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    I enjoy learning and teaching others about fishing. My favorite species to fish for is Carp and Buffalo because, as you well know, they are fantastic fighters.

    I also enjoy blogging which allows me an outlet to speak about fishing with a global audience.

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  1. Your name: Clayton Lothrop Your CAG forum name: TX Angler Your state or province of residence: Texas The state or province of your FFF 2019 fishing venue, if it differs from your residence: Texas
  2. The buffalo are definitely biting right now. Seeing some big buffalo up yo 50lbs coming out.
  3. It was the craziest thing. I've caught sunglasses, a soda can and once I caught a load of fish guts, but a break-dancing duck is by far my funniest catch.
  4. Duck, Duck, Buffalo? Because there's a first time for everything It was the day after ATC2013 and I woke up extra early to take advantage of some post-tournament baited holes, specifically the warm water discharge swim. This swim had produced some real chunks during the tournament and I knew this cold Sunday morning was going to produce something special for me too. When I arrived the sun was coming up and I could see a layer of steam coming off the water. I could practically sense the large bodied carp and buffalo soaking up the warmth of the water as it flowed from the discharge. A coup
  5. That shot with the mountains in the background was glorious. A real postcard swim.
  6. Just had an eagle-eye buddy of mine point out the under slung mouth on one of my twin carp catches during this FFF. My 2lbs 12oz common is, in fact, not a common but a Crucian Carp (or maybe a goldfish). Notice the no barbels and under slung mouth on the smaller (top) fish. While this disqualifies this little scrapper for the FFF contest, it makes the catch extremely COOL! This is officially my PB Crucian Carp (or Goldfish). Can anyone help with a proper fish ID?
  7. Third time's a charm
  8. Concerning Old Age and Carp Angling The FFF Misadventure of a Texas Angler 11:00pm – The Evening Before FFF The Big Apple dropped in New York as miles away, deep in the heart of Texas, a youthful Clayton Lothrop dropped his tackle and bait box in the back of his old pickup. Net, check. Rods, check. Pack bait bucket, check... This ritual was necessary to ensure everything I’d need on the bank was located securely in the back of Green Freedom – yeah my truck has a name. Countless times I’ve embarked on a fishing adventure only to have to turn around ten minutes down the road to fetch somet
  9. It was a beautiful morning to be alive in the great state of Texas. Clayton Lothrop Texas North Lakes, Denton
  10. I also took this pair of gold bars for my first double of 2014! Clayton Lothrop 2lbs 12oz <-- Smallest Fish?? 3lbs 8oz 10:39am
  11. Here's my first fish of 2014, a scrappy 5-pounder Clayton Lothrop 5lbs 6oz Even 7:55 am Apparently I misjudged the headroom in the frame and cut my mug off, so here it is below
  12. I'll throw my weather-beaten hat into the ring for Texas Your Name: Clayton Lothrop Your CAG forum name: Papa Whiskey Your state or province of residence: Texas
  13. Glad to take part. Appreciate you fine folks at CAG for putting it on.
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