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  1. Thanks for the kind comments Hawkeye. I hope to keep the content high and keep on improving the lay-out. If you take a close look at this issue there are only 4 articles from non US anglers and one of them is a CAG member (Marcus). The rest of the content is CAG based news and information (Big 4, ATC, Mid-west regional, FFF, etc) and articles from US anglers, most of who are also CAG members. Again, I would love to have an excess of quality material from US anglers and my goal has always been to have at least 75% of the content focused on the US. I would love to see some articles regarding fly fishing and pay-laking and hope to get contributors on board for these. What I will say is that I have lots of irons in the fire and if half of them pan out we will continue to get quality content from US and world contributors alike. The better the magazine looks the easier it is to get contributors and sponsors and move towards making NACA self supporting. Keep the comments coming, good or bad as this is YOUR magazine and I welcome input.
  2. Mario, I am not struggling for content and if the last 2 editions do not show you that I am pro-active and chase down good contributors than I unsure what else I need to do!! I have lots more content coming, some from outstanding writers but I have made it clear on several occasions that I would love to have more contributions from CAG members. I'm not sure why there is an issue about the cover shot(s) as NACA has had European anglers on the cover before as well as anglers from other parts of the world other than the USA. My goal is for quality and if I get quality pictures from US anglers I will most definitely use them.
  3. While the shot does not have to be recent it is much better if it is current and in line with whatever the content of the article inside is going to be. The quality refers to a couple of areas 1) The framing of the shot and the actual digital quality of the shot 2) The subject in question, ie. the fish or the scenic qualities Any anglers who want to submit pictures and articles can do so at: naca@carpanglersgroup.com
  4. You may not mean to slam the issue or stir the pot, but that's what you are doing. Please take a close look at both magazines and you will see that over 90% of the content is regarding US anglers and CAG Clubs news and events. If the magazine was only available to members then it would only feature members, however one of the remit's of NACA is to capture new members, get more eyes on CAG and also encourage new sponsors to join and support the club. As Editor in Chief I have no bias towards any nationalities or countries. The simple fact of the matter is that the two cover shots were the best shots available to me and ones I thought would give the magazine the most exposure. Simply put no American anglers submitted a picture or pictures up to the standard required of a cover shot. To follow-up on this point, I have asked several times for member contributions, but it is usually the same people who get involved. If someone sends me a shot of high enough quality or captures a note worthy fish it will go on the cover. I go with the best shot available whether US or European. Whether you think I am biased to the UK anglers or not (yes I am originally from the UK, but been in the US for 15 years) is your opinion, but I am only interested in quality and improving the content of the magazine which I hope I am doing. Please, please, please send in catch pictures and articles if you are a CAG member. I would love to have more contributors sending in quality material which will save me having to source my own content and contributors.
  5. Here it is!! 2015 Q1 is a double issue, due to a number of factors, but we hope you will agree the small wait is well worth it.I am extremely happy with the content and I'm sure there is something of value for everyone. Please enjoy by clicking on the following link: http://bit.ly/2015Q1F
  6. Just a quick update on Q4. I have some excellent content and several articles from CAG Members but hardly any catch reports or scenic shots. With that in mind, please forward me any 'Winter Shots', scenic or otherwise you would like to have considered for the magazine. I'd like to keep NACA member orientated and highlight some of your own pictures. All submissions can be emailed to naca@carpanglersgroup.com I will be collating all materials in the next 2 weeks so please send them before December 23rd to be included. Q4 is scheduled to come out in January, just in time for some winter reading! Thanks in advance for any contributions.
  7. Mario, I'm happy to do 3 online and 1 printed. It really makes no difference to me as the work load is pretty much the same. I'm unsure as to sponsors and if they are available to finance an edition in the near future? I am not in the loop regarding finances and from my initial conversations I was under the impression that the BOD did not want to spend money on NACA ie. they want it to be self funding. I could hold off on Q4 and gather content for a printed edition (64 pages??). This could be done over the next couple of months and I can then put out 2015 Q1 in March, Q2 in June, Q3 in September and the printed Edition around Christmas time each year? Let me know what everyone thinks. Dean
  8. Mario, My goal is to put out 4 NACA quarterly's each year via the online Magazine and 1 Special Edition (Printed) each year. I believe Andy has a better deal for more pages at the same cost. My main concern would be that printed magazine is of a high quality and the content is outstanding and not just stuff we throw together. I would like it to have a Theme and something which the members can keep and re-read with useful information. Not sure when we want to aim for but I would think a summer 2015 release would be ideal. I would like to try and stick to the following timeline next year for the online version: Q1 - March 1st Q2 - June 1st Q3 - September 1st Q4 - November 1st We could aim to put the printed version at any point in between. I am happy to gather all the content as usual and edit the magazine, just let me know what the general consensus is.
  9. In the last edition I did not have enough time to pull together the 'Ask the Specialist's' Section, but I will be returning to the questions posed in future editions. Thanks for all the comments. Q4 will focus on the winter and how to get the best out of your fishing. I am recruiting winter specialists as we speak, but I would like the members to list a few questions that we can pose to be answered. Please use this thread to pose a question relating to the winter. It could relate to weather, water conditions, locations, bait, tactics or anything else that is relevant. We will pick the best 1 or 2 questions to be answered. Thanks in advance for your contributions.
  10. Now that NACA Q3 is live and available for viewing I can concentrate on the next edition! Thanks for all the comments regarding Q3, I hope everyone enjoys it and hopefully it's only the start. As you will have noticed we are including lots of CAG news and content and with this in mind I would like to ask members to keep on submitting articles, catch pictures and scenic shots. The theme for Q4 will be 'Winter Tactics and Approaches' so please send in any interesting winter pictures, scenic shots or articles for consideration. You can send all pictures and articles to: naca@carpanglersgroup.com I already have one excellent member article so please keep them coming. Thanks, Dean
  11. Thanks, I included the boilie article as the last 2 sections are unpublished and I wanted to save them for NACA. They wouldn't have made sense without first publishing the first segment. Glad you like the other articles.
  12. A few days earlier than advertised, the NACA Q3 is now available for viewing or download. Here's a link if you can't find it: http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php?/forum/322-naca-2014-q3/ We have lots of CAG Club News, Members contributions and specific articles on fall fishing and feeding approaches. Hopefully, there's something interesting for all of you. This is just the start as we have several other new sections coming in future editions. ENJOY
  13. Again, I am looking for member pictures to add to the magazine. These could be scenic, action shots or trophy shots and may be featured in the magazine or as a front cover, dependent on the quality. Please email to naca@carpanglersgroup.com Deadline is September 30th. Thanks, Dean
  14. Calling ALL CAG members. I am adding a NEW section (one of many) in the upcoming NACA which is entitled "Red Letter Days". I am looking for your memorable sessions when it all went right and for whatever reason it was a resounding success. I want this to be an regular feature but for the upcoming issue I would like it to be focused on a Fall Session. I already have a couple of contributions but if anyone else would like to send me an article I would love to have them. Please PM me if you are interested and I will forward details of where to send the article and pictures etc. Our deadline for contributions for the next NACA is September 30th. Thanks, Dean
  15. Keep the questions coming folks. While we may only answer one or two per issue, it would be great to have a bunch to choose from and pick for each edition. Once we have chosen the topic for the next issue I'll look at sourcing the 'Specialists' and I hope that some of you will be open to an invite to give your point of view
  16. I haven't announced who the 'experts' are yet I may rephrase it to 'Ask the Specialists' as we can then change them depending on what the questions are! For instance no point in asking someone who fishes lakes a question about tidal rivers. I may also have two specialists who are diametrically opposed so that we get different points of view. The world would be a boring place if we all agreed!
  17. Not sure what this question even means??? If you want to ask questions that are not based in reality then please start your own thread as I am looking for topics that will be of help and of interest!
  18. Forgot to mention that any content and articles are due by September 30th. Thanks, Dean
  19. We are starting a new section in the Magazine where our CAG Members can ask questions. Based on the questions we get I will then put together a team of 'experts' to answer them. Please use this thread to ASK your questions. Please keep them civil and to the point and if you see a question raised, do not answer it please! We will pick the most pertinent and interesting questions for each NACA Edition. Thanks, Dean
  20. I am happy to report we are working behind the scenes to get the next issue of NACA ready to go. Over the next several months I will attempting to add a number of items to make sure NACA is at the forefront of American Carping. If any members would like to contribute articles please PM me or email them directly to naca@carpanglersgroup.com I cannot guarantee that the article will be published but I do appreciate everyone who contributes and I will let you know one way or the other so that you can use the articles elsewhere if we do not use them. The text is best sent as a 'Word' document and with pictures we use 'Dropbox', which is a free picture sharing website. Again, just use my email to send pictures. To help give you an idea of what I am looking for in regards to the upcoming issue here are a few topic areas: Fall Fishing Pictures - Scenery or catch pictures (does not have to be from this year) Fall Fishing Tactics - Baiting methods, location and watercraft Red Letter Days - Articles relating your best ever day of carping I am also looking for reports and articles from specialist areas such as: Paylake Fishing Fly Fishing Regional Reports (If anyone would like to be a regular regional coordinator please let me know) - An overview of what has been happening in your area Any questions please feel free to PM me. I'm looking forward to helping NACA grow and reach a bigger target audience. Thanks, Dean
  21. Banned from another forum Iain
  22. I've broken a lot of rods over the year and if I'm honest nearly ever occasion I was to blame. If the rods did not break when you were casting and playing fish my guess would be the tip was broken in some other way and you didn't notice. I did the same last year with a float rod, used it the previous session and then first cast the following session the tip broke. I didn't blame the rod as I had used it several times previously and most likely I knocked it when it was in the car. I'm not pointing blame, just from experience if the rod was faulty it would have broken during the first initial use. The problem we have in the USA is that vendors are not local so you can't just pop into the shop to take it back. My own remedy for rod breakages is to get them repaired, easy enough if you take it to a rod builder and generally not pricey. I'd do a google search to see if there are any rod builders in your area. I understand you are frustrated but rods are a dodgy area to prove you didn't do the damage. If it was luggage, reels, alarms etc it's much easier to get them replaced. Good luck, hope you get this resolved.
  23. Guys, BC Tackle will be placing the FOX order at the end of next week so if there are any large items you want to save some money on, now is the time to order them. Just send them an email and they'll do the rest.
  24. BC Tackle will be placing an order for larger items in June and are offering a 10% discount for anyone wanting to place a pre-order. Orders must be over $100 and a 50% deposit must be placed before June 10th. The remaining 40% will be payable once the order arrives at BC Tackle. Please contact sales@bigcarptackle.com for further details and to place an order or message myself. Here's the link to the FOX Catalogue to browse all of the items available: http://www.foxint.com/catalogues.php
  25. For those of you that like high quality bait I am please to announce BC Tackle now have a good range of Nutrabaits in stock. We have worked hard through the winter to supply new sources of bait for the US angler and Nutrabaits are one of the oldest and most successful European bait companies. The ingredients are all high quality and although they are not the cheapest you pay for what you get. I personally will be using the Blue Oyster and Techni-spice baits as well as a bunch of their liquid additives and I can say without a doubt I have 100% confidence in them straight out of the bag. Here's the link to purchase and browse: http://www.bigcarptackle.com/manufacturers/nutrabaits
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