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  1. Fantastic work guys! One of the best videos out there. Love it....
  2. I'm also not quite sure what to make of this. I haven't bought an awful lot from Carpkit, but when I did Simon provided an excelent service. So has every other vendor I have bought from in the US, including Resistance Tackle in the past, Wackerbaits and Big Carp Tackle. All very profesional with an outstanding service. Never had an issue. We don't know if the initiator of this post has had personal beef with the vendor, or something else entirely initiated the online dialogue. Or maybe Simon really messed up. Who knows. But either way, I am not a big fan of trying to burn a business online. It
  3. I'm not playing, but with last week's catches I easily reach 140lb. On the boilie...
  4. I have a few from last trip. Lake at max capacity, Weedbeds everywhere. Crickets eating the cork off my handles. 21 fish in a week, which is not bad for there. Some absolute stunners in the mix....
  5. CAG needs to help out the mayor asap and in a structured fashion: - Draft a standard letter for people to print and sign - Set up the online petition - Launch a media campaign raising awareness for the issue CAG needs to become much more active in Public Affairs Management.
  6. I would check if Sal, our NACA man, could help out...
  7. How about this one? angler: Sergio Cortes Mancera (currently not a CAG member) venue: (state of Queretaro) Only mirror to ever have come out of this lake so far. weight: unknown due to broken scale
  8. Looking very nice Barry!
  9. All or nothing, there is no middle ground. Well done my friend...
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