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  1. cant wait till summer

  2. i think a fish in would be fun on macatawa. big fish there and we could all have fun without the tournament setting. maybe it could be like a 2 day thing to make it worth the drive. just an idea
  3. is eilers park going to be a peg?
  4. hey now. Michigan is still gonna be a threat. dont get too anxious lol
  5. Me and Brendan both want Fish Tacos for the dinner for lunch, i want turkey both days and Brendan wants ham both days.
  6. Andy, do you know what hotel were all staying at? same one maybe?
  7. Where is Nik at?

    1. Brian Daugherty

      Brian Daugherty

      Nik is gone give up stalking him

  8. awesome fish well done!
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