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  1. cant wait till summer

  2. Where is Nik at?

    1. Brian Daugherty

      Brian Daugherty

      Nik is gone give up stalking him

  3. i got my order in today from Resistance. Super fast shipping and he saved me money on the shipping! also got a pack of fake pop ups which was pretty cool too!
  4. i just made an order with them yesterday. i usually get my orders from them fast aswell. should be here soon
  5. spring is almost here!!

  6. spring is almost here!!

  7. that is a good story lol. but do you know if that is a peg this year?
  8. New PB a 26.4 pound common!

  9. once a carper always a carper

  10. cant wait to do some fall fishing!

  11. new PB at Saginasty 21.6 !! its great to know we won and i helped

  12. 18.9 is my PB. Hope to get it higher soon

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