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  1. Great fishing Brian! Better video! Keep putting them out, love the topics!
  2. One major sugesstion is to keep your rod tips high. If you keep them low in an area with zebra mussells, when you get a run, your line is getting run through a cheese grater. Beyone that, try some 30lb fluorocarbon. I had the same thing happen to me with 15lb big game, I moved spots and havent had any issues.
  3. Zebra mussels are the problem. Are you using mono? If so, what lb test? I have had problems with smaller lb test before. I just bump up the lb test, and maybe even add a leader thats heavier than the mainline.
  4. Hi Paul, i have a question about your fox a pod kit. Is that a complete pod?
  5. I have those too. Tons of fun! Paired em with theyre 6000 baitrunner reels. Good stuff!
  6. Fast shipping from Big Carp Tackle on a XTR rod bag. 3 days to michigan. I will be watching to see when you get the SKS landing net and carryalls back in stock.
  7. All you need to surface fish is a hook and some bread if they are within casting range. Also, don't be afriad to chum up and fish even though they are surfacing. You can get em feeding if they are in the area.
  8. Don M

    Michigan fish-in

    Not familiar with hydro park. Where's our best chance to haul?
  9. Great fish Dave! Love that fish!
  10. I hate bowfin! Simply because of their looks. They creep me out!
  11. Welcome to the forum Joshua!
  12. Great job again men! Top angling!
  13. Great job gentlemen! Your new tandem duo name is "Boyz to Men", because your certainly not boys anymore! Great job men!
  14. A few years ago a tournament was held on the Saginaw River here in Michigan. I was running the tournament, and a god man (Mike Olinger) was fishing a bridge peg. During the night, Mike's jeep was parked near the bridge. He began getting tired and thought of going up to the bridge for a nap. Something told him to hold off a little longer. A drunk then smashed into the back of his jeep, destroying his jeep and everything inside. This bad evening ends with a good note though when the drunk failed sobriety's and was taken to jail by The Bay County Sheriff's Office.
  15. FYI on the Epixors, I got a set from Andy of size 50s that he had caught tons of fish on. I fished them for two years and they did very well. 65's will work and should cast well.
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