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  1. Hi Paul, i have a question about your fox a pod kit. Is that a complete pod?
  2. I have those too. Tons of fun! Paired em with theyre 6000 baitrunner reels. Good stuff!
  3. Fast shipping from Big Carp Tackle on a XTR rod bag. 3 days to michigan. I will be watching to see when you get the SKS landing net and carryalls back in stock.
  4. Another order, originally quoted 14 dollars shipping. Refunded 7 dollars!
  5. Also, shipping was the usual speedy shipping that I'm accustomed to from resistance when I ordered 3 years ago. Just a couple of days to Michigan!
  6. Ive been out fo the game for a while, but wanted to post my experiences recently with Resistance Tackle. I have ordered from their and Wacker alot in the past, and both he and Paul were very fair IMO. Upon getting back into fishing again, I was thrown off by the shipping prices quoted upon check out at Resistance (I understand there is a new owner?) It almost made me not order, but I really like the items I ordered, and needed them for the style of fishing I do, so I ordered anyway. To make a long story short, both times, the owner (Dennis Moneypenny) refunded money to my paypal account making shipping much cheaper! He apparently shipped them flat rate? Anyway, thank you Mr. Moneypenny! I will do business with you again!
  7. I recently saw a picture of a squad car at a department I won't mention that had the following on the side next to the department logo, "We'll kick your @#$$!" I laughed hard, but that can't be to good for community relations! My car looks awesome the way it is, lol! The boss might get a little T'd if I did!
  8. Sending payment out today, thanks for the help with the info Andy! Great idea Bill, it will look good on my Ford!
  9. I'm not a newbie, but I have a newbie who these will be going to if I win, does that count for the sling and added stuff? $95 bucks, and bidding is now closed folks, sorry for the inconvienance!!!!
  10. This has my name written all over it. I bid $51.00 Cool lot of stuff!
  11. We're listening! Seriously though, I had a few complaints about that, and that will change for next year. That was my first year putting on the Saginaw tournament, so hopefully I'll get all the kinks worked out.
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